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Naval Research Working Group (NRWG) 21 | April 20-22, 2021   Follow @NPS_NRP on Twitter
NRWG21 Call to Present

NRWG 21 - Open Call to Present: Topic Sponsors, NPS Faculty, Students, and Staff

If you would be interested in participating as a presenter in any of these events please complete the Presenter Participation Request Form ASAP but NLT March 12, 2021 (extended).

Missed the deadline but still interested in participating? Let us know, as we may be able to accommodate some late additions.  

NPS Lab Tours and Capabilities Briefs are primarily an opportunity for Topic Sponsors as well as new NPS faculty and students to gain a more in depth understanding of the specific research capabilities at NPS. Tours may be simulive, prerecorded and/or info briefing materials. 

Some discussion of current/past research during tours/briefs is assumed; however, if you would like to provide a presentation primarily focused on your current/past research study and outcomes please propose a NRWG 21 Engagement Session. 

Building on information gathered during the lab tours, the Social and Poster session is primarily an opportunity for our many Topic Sponsors to get a better idea of the breadth and depth of the research taking place at NPS. Our world-class faculty study the cutting-edge developments of operational navies across the globe. NPS research extends the reach of today's naval services, whether underwater, on the surface, in the air, or orbiting the earth. 

All NPS faculty and students are encouraged to showcase their research efforts, NRP funded or otherwise, as this event is intended to help educate Topic Sponsors as to the many facets of NPS research capabilities. All posters from NRP FY20 completed research will be included automatically.

Posters will be displayed in a virtual gallery similar to the NRWG 20 Research Poster Gallery. A live virtual Social and Research Poster Session is also intended to be scheduled for the afternoon of April 20th to allow participants to engage with poster presenters synchronously. 

In order to participate we ask that poster submissions be submitted

  • via the NRP NRWG 21 File Drop by April 2, 2021. 
  • using either the NRP poster template (required for all NRP specific projects) or any other 24x36 poster design/template of your choice. All file submissions must be received

All submissions must be "Distribution A – Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited." and include this distro statement.

Topic Sponsors, NPS faculty and/or students will have 25-55 minutes to present/brief their proposed FY22 research topics or current/past research, in a small audience format. 

Topic slides generated on the NRP Topic Portal will be available for download and use by presenters. Alternately, presenters may choose to use their own presentation slide deck. If a presenter prefers to use their own slides please send them to the NRP at NLT April 2, 2021.

NRWG21 Session Delivery Methods

NRWG 21 Session Delivery Methods

While all sessions will be scheduled and marketed using Whova, the primary simulive session delivery method and session presenter/participant interaction will be via Whova (recommended) and/or Teams. 

Ideally all content will be:  Distribution A – for public release and at some point available for on demand viewing.

RECOMMENDED DELIVERY options are Simulive sessions or on-demand prerecorded video hosted on the NRP YouTube channel, as these options are fully integrated within the Whova app, providing a seamless, convenient user experience. 

Simulive is a combination of pre-recorded video content and live interaction (simulated+live = simulive). You record your video/presentation in advance of your broadcast date, while still getting to interact with your audience before/during/after your scheduled event. This allows you to provide a polished and timely session while not missing out on valuable Q&A time and ensures that you keep your audience engaged. Synchronous Q&A can occur as attendees join the session, during the session, and/or after the prerecorded video portion. Chat can continue asynchronously after the scheduled simulive session has ended. Also see: What is Simulive and Why is it Great?

Native Whova tools will be used to deliver the synchronous simulive session and to engage with participants via chat. A link to the prerecorded video, hosted on the NRP YouTube Channel (NRP-YTC), will embed the video in Whova for seamless viewing by authorized NRWG 21 registered attendees. All content uploaded to the NRP-YTC will be “unlisted” and only available to those that have the link (we will make the content available for public viewing at the presenter’s request). All session communication will remain in Whova. During the synchronous session, the presenter/moderator will interact in real-time with session attendees using the native Whova Chat feature (text only, no audio). Presenters may also choose to use the native Whova live polling feature. Live polling is a fun way to make events more interactive. On demand video viewing and Whova chat communication can continue asynchronously in Whova after the scheduled simulive session ends. 

NPS Teams will be used to deliver the simulive session and to engage with participants via chat and/or audio/video. A link to the Teams meeting will be provided to NRWG 21 attendees via Whova. Attendees will leave the Whova event environment to join the NPS hosted Teams meeting. During the simulive session, the prerecorded video will be played while presenters/moderators interact in real-time with session attendees using the native Teams features. Note: it will be important to remind attendees to use the Teams meeting tools for communication during the simulive event, rather than the native Whova chat. Once the simulive session has ended, the Teams meeting recording will be uploaded to the NRP-YTC. All content uploaded to the NRP-YTC will be “unlisted” and only available to those that have the link (we will make the content available for public viewing at the presenter’s request). A link to the NRP-YTC hosted recording of the simulive session will then be added to the session listing in Whova for on demand viewing. On demand video viewing and Whova chat communication can continue asynchronously in Whova after the scheduled simulive session ends. 

This option is similar to the simulive Teams/NRP-YTC option, with one notable exception; once the simulive session has ended, the live session will not be available for on demand video viewing.* Session chat communication can continue asynchronously in Whova after the scheduled simulive session ends. 

*subject to change based on current/updated Teams capabilities availability 

This option is similar to the Synchronous Option 2: Simulated-Live – NPS Teams/NRP-YTC option, with one notable exception; the presentation will be entirely live. A completely live session will require additional real-time presentation and time management. The panel moderator will need to coordinate and mange all aspects of the session flow, in real-time during the meeting such as individual speaker timing and transition between speakers, Q/A (audio and/or chat).

An embed link to your prerecorded video presentation, hosted on the NRP-YTC, will embed the video in the Whova application for seamless viewing by authorized NRWG 21 registered attendees. All content uploaded to the NRP-YTC will be “unlisted” and only available to those that have the link (we will make the content available for public viewing at the presenter’s request). Presenters may also choose to use the native Whova polling feature to schedule a poll. Polling is a fun way to make events more interactive. On demand video viewing and Whova chat communication can occur asynchronously in Whova during NRWG 21. 

Your briefing materials will be made available for download via your Whova session in PDF format.