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NRWG-TRWG-15-1 Event Poster
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Naval Research Working Group (NRWG) & Thesis Research Working Group (TRWG) 15-1 | March 30 - April 3, 2016

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NPS hosted the Naval Research Working Group and the Thesis Research Working Group, 15-1 March 30 - April 3, 2015 aboard the Monterey campus. This annual activity is an essential element in the success of the NPS Naval Research Program, as envisioned by the Secretary of the Navy. It served as a forum for Navy and Marine organizations to communicate, review, validate, and recommend topics for NPS research in FY16. SECNAVINST 1524.2C dtd 141021 identifies that, “an active academic research program is vital to the quality of education provided to students, the attraction and retention of exceptional faculty members, and the provision of real-time, directly relevant deliverables to government sponsors.”

During the main event, an all-hands plenary session, attendees with research requirements (topic sponsors) were asked to present a short briefing to faculty and students summarizing their topic(s), the benefit(s) to the Services, and expected deliverables from the research. Attending topic sponsors had the opportunity to participate in a sponsor-only breakout session to coordinate and collaborate on research requirements of mutual interest prior to the plenary session. Attendees were encouraged to participate in student and faculty breakout sessions to solidify research requirement topic definitions. Sponsors also had the opportunity to conduct interim progress reviews for ongoing FY15 projects.

This an excellent annual opportunity for the Navy and Marine Corps to effectively leverage NPS faculty expertise and student operational experience as valuable research assets. All faculty and students are invited and encouraged to participate in the week’s events and were required at the plenary session as, appropriate.

The primary point of contact for this event was LtCol Mark Raffetto at 831-656-2794 or e-mail Alternate points of contact were: Mr. Rod Abbott (NRP Program Manager) at 831-656-2579, or e-mail; and Mr. Bob Osterhoudt (NPS NRP National Capital Region Representative) at 703-489-9729, or e-mail



Research Working Group Meeting Overview by Day


The Research Working Group serves as a forum for open discussion between NPS faculty, students and Naval organizations to communicate research or analysis requirements. 

Monday, 30 March: Travel Day

Tuesday, 31 March:  The research working group meeting begins with a sponsor sync session, which allows topic sponsors to collaborate in discussions of naval requirements. Faculty, students, and topic sponsors are invited to attend the Keynote/Plenary. Speakers will include the NPS President, with additional invitees unconfirmed.

Wednesday, 1 April: There is a dual focus between revolving panel sessions and breakout sessions. During the plenary session on Tuesday, topic sponsors were able to provide a brief introduction of their command and requirements. The revolving panel session is an extension of requirement details in a smaller assembly that allows topic explanation and discussion, and defining problems to be addressed between topic sponsors, students, and faculty. Each topic sponsor will be assigned a room and time period where their submitted topics can be briefed. Simultaneous to the revolving panel session there will be breakout sessions and IPRs. Breakout sessions provide settings where individual faculty or students can meet with topic sponsors to discuss topic requirements, begin writing IREFs, or stage IPRs of existing research. The ability to initiate topic dialogue is essential for understanding the challenges that organizations face and developing useful proposals to address them.  Session attendees are encouraged to sign up for a one-on-one session with the topic sponsors to learn more about the problem, or even provide an initial solution if the researcher is already working on a similar problem.

Thursday, 2 April: This is a  continuation of Wednesday, with additional revolving panel sessions occurring, along with breakout sessions and IPRs.

Friday, 3 April: The last day of the working group meeting will benefit from a sponsor Hotwash and Outbriefs. This session ends the research working group meeting. 

Registration - Closed


Dress Code: USN Khakis, USMC Charlies