Submitting Deliverables

Naval Research Program Topic Submission and Review Cycle: Project Completion - Submitting Deliverables

All deliverables are due at the end of your official period of performance.

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Required Deliverables

Principal Investigators (PIs) are responsible for all project specific deliverables agreed upon with the Topic Sponsor, as outlined and approved in their signed research topic proposal, including the NRP specific NRP PI Project Deliverables. All deliverables should reference the full NRP project ID (IREF ID) e.g. NPS-20-N500-B.

  1. Executive Summary: A GWC-reviewed and accepted, public release Distribution Statement A, Executive Summary (2000 word maximum) is required to be submitted at the end of your project for inclusion in the publicly distributed NRP Annual Report. The Executive Summary must be of academic publishing quality, and follow all guidelines outlined in the NRP Executive Summary Template. You and/or your student(s) will work with the GWC to develop a publish-ready executive summary that once complete will be submitted to FAIRS. At minimum, you are required to provide your near-final draft to the GWC for publication-ready review. 
  2. Research Poster: A public release Distribution A, research poster using the NRP Research Poster Template is submitted at the end of your project to showcase the results of your research. The NRP may present your project posters online and/or at various showcase events.
  3. Research Project Specific Deliverables: All final deliverables of the research project related to the research are required to be sent to the NRP Program Office at the end of the Period of Performance. (e.g. final presentation, source code, student thesis, journal publications, etc.) All public release NRP deliverables will be placed in the Calhoun NRP Project Documents Collection by the NRP. (Learn how you can publish your other non-NRP works to Calhoun)
    • Final reports should be produced using the standard NPS Technical Report Template.
      • To publish your Final\Technical Report (highly encouraged, but not required) follow the NPS Final Technical Report Guidance. - On the report documentation page, include the NRP and your Topic Sponsor in #9: “Sponsoring/Monitoring Agency Name(s)…,” the project JON, and the complete NRP Project (IREF) ID. Note: the publishing process will take some time. You should provide an advance copy to your Topic Sponsor.
    • Other project deliverables - File format may be any format agreed upon with your Topic Sponsor.

Preparing Your Deliverables

All deliverables are to:

  1. be prepared and submitted using the most recent official NRP or NPS process and templates, as appropriate.
  2. contain all elements requested in the specific document template.
  3. (where possible) include a distribution statement.
  4. be submitted as final works and as such should be of postgraduate academic writing and publishing quality.


Editing assistance: 

How to work with the Graduate Writing Center (GWC) on your NRP PI FY20 Executive Summaries - The GWC will help you generate a polished, publication-ready executive summary for an audience of non-subject-matter experts. A writing coach will be assigned to work with each faculty member and, if you choose, your student researchers. They can help during any stage: planning, drafting, revising, copyediting, and/or finalizing. At minimum, you are required to provide your near-final draft to the GWC for publication-ready review. In our experience, all draft executive summaries will require at least minor revisions or edits.


Additional editing resources:



Timely submission of NRP funded project faculty reporting deliverables is a project funding requirement. PIs who consistently fail to submit project deliverables or respond to data calls, may be denied future NRP participation opportunities, including possible denial of project funding awards and/or experience a delay in funding allocations for currently ongoing projects, until deliverables are met.

Submitting Your Deliverables - REQUIRED

  1. Enter your NRP Executive Summary data, from your GWC-reviewed and accepted, Distribution Statement-A executive summary Word file, into Section D: Scholarship/Research, of the NPS Faculty Activity and Information Reporting System (FAIRS). The data collected in FAIRS will populate the NRP Annual Report and portions of the Research Outcomes section of the NRP Topic Portal. It is very important that you complete all sections as accurately as possible, including student participant data, as all inputs will inform program required reporting.
    • Login to FAIRS
    • Click the Naval Research Program Projects & Reporting link in Section D: Scholarship/Research.
    • Click the Item name for the project you want to edit. e.g. "Test NRP Project"
    • Enter all requested NRP Executive Summary data. All fields are required.
    • When done click Save to finish the record.
  2. Your GWC-reviewed, Distribution Statement-A executive summary Word file will be sent to the NRP by the GWC after receiving email approval from the PI. 
  3. Email your NRP Research Poster and all other project deliverables pledged to the Topic Sponsor (e.g. final presentation, source code, student thesis) to: Use the following format in your email Subject line: NRP Research Project Deliverables - IREF ID #, PI Last Name. e.g. NRP Research Project Deliverables - NPS-19-N800-B, Smart

NRP FAIRS screen instructions


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