Information, resources, how-to guides, and more for Principal Investigators participating in Naval Research Program projects

Researcher Toolkit | Intro

NRP's Researcher Toolkit is a unified place for Principal Investigators (PIs) to find the resources, guides, and information they need to successfully complete their NRP research project. This Toolkit is continually updated to ensure that it has the most recent and relevant guidance.

Resources include:

  • Submission guides for Initial Research Estimate Forms, research proposals, and project deliverables
  • Business rules and regulations
  • Researcher eligibility requirements
  • Upcoming NRP events, and program milestones and deadlines
  • Relevant links to other on-campus programs and offices to assist with research execution
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Research Stages

IREF Submission

Faculty members interested in undertaking a specific NRP research project topic must submit an Initial Research Estimate Form (IREF) for approval.

Full instructions, submission deadlines, and other useful information can be found on the IREF Submission Guide.

Research & Budget Proposals

Once an IREF is validated and selected for funding, the next step is to complete a Research Proposal. Proposals must be completed and approved before funding can be authorized and released.

Full instructions, submission deadlines, and NRP document templates can be found on the Research Proposal Guide.

Project Deliverables

NRP requires PIs to submit an Executive Summary and Technical Report, due at the end of a project's Period of Performance.

Full instructions, submission deadlines, and NRP document templates can be found on the Project Deliverables Guide.

Researcher Toolkit | General info

Principal Investigators

The Principal Investigator (PI) is the researcher who has primary responsibility for the design, execution, and management of a sponsored research project and is named on the proposal to the sponsoring agency. The PI has the primary responsibility for the fulfillment of the Statement of Work. Even when collaborating with one or more Co-PIs, the PI has the ultimate responsibility for the project and remains the sole individual responsible for managing expenditures in support of the project. 


Only eligible Naval Postgraduate School faculty participating in the mission of NPS may submit proposals and act as a PI/PD/Co-I/Co-PD for sponsored projects. Individuals in a faculty or staff category other than those listed in the SPPGM-22 require a waiver to be eligible.

Sponsored Program Policy/Guidance Memo 22 (SPPGM-22): Who can be a PI/PD/Co-I/Co-PD? (PDF, 4 January 2023)
PI/PD/Co-I/Co-PD Justification Memorandum (Waiver Form) (PDF)

Researcher Toolkit | Research Help & Research Compliance

Research Help - Wanted and Available

A space to advertise short and long term research help opportunities

NPS faculty, research faculty, senior lecturers, and faculty associates-research all have specialized yet highly applicable skills that can support a wide variety of research projects. On occasion, funding for one of these highly skilled researchers may be gapped or delayed and the individual may be available to contribute to another funded project on campus. The purpose of this web site is to facilitate the exchange of information around technical skill set availability and needs. The data listed here are intended to spark appropriate conversations between PIs, researchers, and supervisors. They do not represent any particular commitment on the part of the available researcher or the project PI.

More Information about Research Help


Research Compliance

NPS is dedicated to compliance in research

For more information about the compliance programs and requirements on campus visit the Office of Research & Innovation's Research Compliance page:

More Information about Research Compliance

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Upcoming deadlines

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FY24 Research Cycle

31 Mar 2025

Executive Summaries must be submitted to Graduate Writing Center

31 Mar 2025

Final Technical Reports must be submitted to Graduate Writing Center

12 Apr 2025

Mills Medal nominations due

FY25 Research Cycle


Tentative: FY25 Project Selection Results Announced

04 Sep 2024

Proposal packages due

01 Oct 2024

FY25 Project Cycle starts

30 Jun 2025

Mid-Year Progress Summaries due

31 Mar 2026

Executive Summaries & Final Tech Reports must be submitted to Graduate Writing Center

12 Apr 2026

Mills Medal nominations due

FY26 Research Cycle


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