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The NPS Naval Research Program execution marries together the inputs from our critical stakeholder set (Navy and USMC topic sponsors, NPS faculty, and NPS students) in order to provide: (1) cutting edge free research project execution for topic sponsors; (2) real world Navy and Marine Corps research requirement needs for NPS student thesis subjects; and (3) introduction to and execution of the continuity of ongoing and future Navy and Marine Corps sponsor research subjects for NPS faculty.

Explore Research Topics @NPS

Explore Research Topics @ NPS

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Topic Sponsors and their POC information are found within each topic to enable you to make contact directly.

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This search covers materials produced by NPS researchers, students and administrators, as compiled by the Dudley Knox Library. These materials include published papers, technical reports, M.S. and Ph.D. theses, newsletters and more.

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Meeting Fleet Objectives

Meeting Fleet Objectives

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NAVWAR (previously SPAWAR)


Welcome: Students


Nearly 1,300 students attend the Naval Postgraduate School. The student body consists of officers from the five U.S. uniformed services, officers from approximately 30 ally countries, and a small number of civilian federal and state employees.

Welcome: Faculty


Over 740 scholars and professionals, six percent of whom are military officers and over one-third of whom are tenured or tenure-track, comprise the NPS faculty. To strengthen expertise and program relevance, and to expedite research successes at NPS, a robust mix of tenured faculty, lecturers, and visiting professionals integrate teaching with research, demonstrating the immediate applicability of defense-related theories to defense-related problems, many times resulting in patent-eligible technologies.

Welcome: Topic Sponsors


Topic Sponsors are Research Sponsors that have chosen to sponsor/advocate for one or more NRP topics. They consist of individuals from across the naval enterprise (DoD civilian/contractor personnel and uniformed service personnel). A NRP topic must have at least one Navy/Marine Topic Sponsor to enter the NRP Initial Research Estimate Form (IREF) submission stage / compete for NRP research funding.

  • Topic Sponsor POCs are single Navy/Marine Corps points of contact within each of the participating Navy/Marine Corps topic sponsor organizations charged with coordinating the submission of individual topics, and the review of matched topics, from within their organization. 
  • Topic Sponsor Leads represent Navy/Marine Corps Topic Sponsors at the Topics Review Board (TRB) for projects undertaken within the NRP and integrate them within the broader analytic agenda of the Navy/Marine Corps. They will review, validate, prioritize, and recommend assignment of NPS NRP resources to research projects. * Topic Sponsor POC and Topic Lead are sometimes the same individual.
  • Topic Sponsor (NRWG) Representatives are the Navy/Marine Corps participants in the NRWG designated to represent one or more submitted topics.

Research Sponsors consist of members of the naval research enterprise (DoD civilian/contractor personnel and uniformed service personnel) that share goals with the NPS NRP. Research Sponsors may choose to participate in the NPS NRP to take advantage of the exchanges facilitated between Topic Sponsors and NPS faculty and students. They may also choose to augment the NPS NRP by provided external funding for one or more of the projects that have been deemed to be a requirement by the Navy/Marine Corps TRB.  

TRB Representative Organizations are currently comprised of individuals from NAVY: ASN (RDA), N1, N2/N6, N3/N5, N4, N7, N8, N9, and Fleet Forces Command; MARINE CORPS: HQMC AVN, HQMC DCI, HQMC I&L, HQMC M&RA, HQMC PP&O, HQMC P&R, HQMC CD&I, COMMARFORCOM and MARCORSYSCOM. Topics will be represented at the TRB by a senior representative of one of these organizations as appropriate. Review the Topic Submission and Review Cycle for more detail.

*in many circumstances an individual will fill multiple roles as outlined above