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Thesis Research Working Group (TRWG) 14-2 | August 25-27, 2014 Event Flyer/Poster
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Thesis Research Working Group (TRWG) 14-2 | August 25-27, 2014

Thank you to all the Sponsors who presented at the 14-2 meeting of the TRWG!  Your participation is what makes this event so successful.  NPS is honored to support the operating forces in a value added capacity.  The Naval Research Program in particular is passionate about providing a repeatable, defendable, and traceable process to make connections between Sponsors, Faculty and Students.

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NPS hosted the Thesis Research Working Group (TRWG) 14-2 aboard the Monterey campus, August 25-27, 201. 

This semiannual activity is an essential element in the success of the NPS Naval Research Program, as envisioned by the Secretary of the Navy.  It serves as a forum for Marine Corps organizations to execute in-progress reviews for students and faculty with whom they are already sponsoring research.  Additionally, the forum allows sponsors to communicate, review, validate, and recommend topics for NPS research.  SECNAVINST 1524.2C dtd 21 Oct 2014 identifies that, “an active academic research program is vital to the quality of education provided to students, the attraction and retention of exceptional faculty members, and the provision of real-time, directly relevant deliverables to government sponsors.”

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This event was an excellent semiannual opportunity for the Marine Corps to effectively leverage NPS faculty expertise and student operational experience as valuable research assets.  All faculty and students were invited and encouraged to participate in the week’s events.  Marine students without an approved thesis topic were required to participate when they were not in class.