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Hotel Del Monte
Naval Support Activity Monterey

1 University Circle, Monterey, CA 93943


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Toll Free Number:
1 (877) NAVY-BED

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Who Can Stay - Content

Priority 1:  Official Duty Traveler - Space Required 

(reservations can be one year in advance)

  • Armed Forces* active duty members on TDY or on PCS and their family members (includes foster children, au pairs, and foreign exchange students), or their family members alone
  • Armed Forces* active duty members, who are single and non-primary custodial parents, during custodial or other visitation periods with minor dependent children authorized to make reservations up to 10 days prior to stay
  • U.S. DOD Civilians (both APF and NAF) on TDY; or, on PCS with their family members 
  • DOD-sponsored Foreign Nationals on TDY
  • Foreign Military Personnel in duty status, when authorized by the Installation Commander
  • Armed Forces* family members on medical TDY orders
  • Families, relatives, guests of hospitalized Armed Forces members
  • Honorably discharged veterans with 100% Service-Connected Disability; members involuntarily separated under the Transition Assistance Management Program; personnel separated under the Voluntary Separation Incentive (VSI) and Special Separation Benefit (SSB) programs for two years after separation
  • Medal of Honor recipients
  • Guests of the Armed Forces* as determined by the Installation Commander

*Armed Forces includes all branches of military service, to include U.S. Coast Guard


Priority 2:  Non-Duty Traveler - Space Available

(reservations can be made six months in advance: payment is required upon check in)

  • Armed Forces* and Reserve Component members in a non-duty status, and family members
  • U.S. DOD Civilians on PCS orders, and their family members
  • Non-military uniformed personnel of the U.S. Public Health Service and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
  • Un-remarried, surviving spouses of personnel who died while on active duty, or while in retired status; un-remarried former spouses who were married to military members for at least 20 years while the military member was on active duty to the Armed Forces*
  • Relatives and guests of Armed Forces members assigned to the installation (must be sponsored by the service member, who must ensure gate access for their guest)
  • Armed Forces family members on medical TDY orders

 *Armed Forces includes all branches of military service, to include U.S. Coast Guard