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The Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) founded in 1909, is a fully accredited university offering over 35 unique academic masters curricula to military and civilian members of the Department of Defense and allies around the world. NPS invites over 119 foreign countries educational opportunities throughout the year. There are different types of courses available for International Military Students (IMS), the length of the courses vary from two weeks to two years. For the courses longer than 12 months, IMS are encouraged to bring their family with them. IMS will get an official Invitational Travel Orders (ITO) for traveling to the United States.

The purpose of the Health Benefits Advisor (HBA) is to be a medical liaison between Military Treatment Facilities (MTF), Civilian Treatment Facilities, the International Program Office, IMS and their family members.  The HBA is a resource to guide IMS through medical systems in the United States. The HBA also provides assistance with the Uniformed Services Health Benefits Program (USHBP) and Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Uniformed Services (CHAMPUS).

Health Benefits Advisor

HMC Maria Crisostomo (Primary)

Naval Postgraduate School

1 University Circle

Herrmann Hall, Bldg #220

 Floor, Room # 417

Monterey, CA 93943

 (831) 242-6457


International Students Orientation

International Students Presentation

Welcome Aboard Package

DOD and Civilian Healthcare Under International Agreements

DD Form 2870

Minimum Required Healthcare  Insurance Policy Coverage

DSCA Policy 11-32

Selecting a Doctor

Tricare Contracted Providers Near You

Billing/Claims Questions

For any billing/claims question, please have your  ITO, FIN #, Military ID Card and commercial insurance card (if you have any) readily available.