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Limited Duty (LIMDU) / Physical Evaluation Board (PEB)


Temporary Limited Duty (TLD) is defined as a documented period of medically restricted duty, in consideration of a patient’s illness, injury, or disease process.  Placement of TLD is most appropriate only for Sailors whom a return to medically unrestricted duty status is anticipated.  TLD may only be provided as the result of the actions of a Medical Evaluation Board (MEB) properly convened at a Military Treatment Facility (MTF).  TLD is a period when the member reports to their workspace, but during the period the member is excused from the performance of certain aspects of military duties, as defined in their individual TLD write-up.  During TLD, the member undergoes continued care, recovery, and rehabilitation aimed at returning the member to a medically unrestricted status.

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Physical Evaluation Board/Integrated Disability Evaluation System (PEB or IDES): A case usually enters the Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES) when a MEB is dictated for the purpose of evaluating the diagnosis and treatment of a member who is unable to return to military duty.  The member’s condition most likely is permanent or chronic, and/or any further period of TLD is unlikely to return the member to full duty.

A condition is considered permanent when the nature and degree of the condition render the member unable to continue naval service within a reasonable period of time (normally 8-12 months or less).  Note: The term "permanent" does not necessarily mean the condition is unfitting.

Referral of a Medical Board report to the PEB can be referred for IDES by Pers-835 (service headquarters) or submitted directly to the PEB by an MTF.


If your PCM determines that your illness or injury requires more than 12 months (two periods) of Limited Duty or is permanently disabling the PCM will put in a referral for Physical Evaluation Board (PEB) at Naval Health Clinic Lemoore. The PEB will take place at either Naval Health Clinic Lemoore. You must check out your Military Health Record and hand carry it to your PEB appointment.



The only way to be on LIMDU status is by the PCM recommendation, the only way to change the LIMDU status is the PCM recommendation


Nested Applications
LIMDU - Content

Process Steps

  1. PCM decides if the SM needs to be on LIMDU status, see LIMDU coordinator at the NMAU office with filled and signed 6100/5 with the PCM's signature 
  2. F/ U with LIMDU coordinator on monthly basis
  3. get in touch with LIMDU Coordinator if there is any change in medical condition
  4. See your PCM 30 days prior to LIMDU expiration
  5. At the 30 day mark PCM will decide if another period of LIMDU will be issued
  6. If extention is granted by your PCM repeat step 2,3 and 4
  7. member can be on LIMDU for only 12 months LIMDU status after that the member must be / will be referred for PEB
  8. The member does not have to on LIMDU status if the PCM decides that the SM's injury so severe that SM can not return to full duty at that point PCM will automatically refer the patient for PEB​​​​​​​





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