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All physicals (i.e., dive, flight, and re-enlistment, and separation/retirement, submarine) are processed through the Presidio of Monterey Army Health Clinic PHA/PE Provider. Technical questions may be directed to NMAU.

Flight physical, Separation physicals, and other types of Physicals (except reenlistment) appointments are extremely limited, therefore we recommend appointments be made 60 days prior to the exam.

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Process Steps


  1. Contact the Physical exams coordinator through Relay Health to get an appointment
  2. To obtain an appointment for  physical please use Relay Health. Click here for instructions to obtain an appointment. If you do not have an account, learn how to sign up for Relay Health here


Physicals Coordinator


Any questions related to the Physicals  should be directed to the readiness provider via Relay Health

Process questions may be directed to Ms. Lisa Maxie at 866-957-2256