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null NSA Dr. Naazneen Barma Recipient of 2018 Richard W. Hamming Teaching Award

August 27, 2018

NSA Dr. Naazneen Barma has received the NPS Academic Year 2018 Richard W. Hamming Teaching Award in recognition of her exceptional teaching. Professor Barma excelled in all three criteria for the Hamming award: outstanding teaching, excellence in thesis supervision, and strength of contribution to NPS students beyond the classroom. She has worked with nearly 50 completed theses (as either advisor, co-advisor, or second reader), including some theses that have won awards. Additionally, Dr. Barma has served as academic associate for three different curriculum and certificate programs for the department. She has also supported non-traditional programs such as the Center on Civil-Military Relations and the Pacific Fleet Regional Security Education Program. Dr. Barma also contributes lectures at conferences and workshops.

For example, in May 2018, Professor Naazneen Barma joined an impressive lineup of scholars and practitioners recently at a conference in Washington, DC to discuss the changing nature of warfare and possible new strategies for the U.S. and its allies. Hosted by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), the conference was titled “The Future of Force.” The conference featured all-female panels as part of a new initiative by CSIS and the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies to connect female scholars and leading national security officials.

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