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null Covell Meyskens, Ph.D.

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(831) 656-3293
Office Address:
Glasgow Hall, Room 354

Assistant Professor, Academic Associate for Curricula 247 and 682

Expertise: China, East Asia, Modern World History


Dr. Covell Meyskens is a historian of twentieth century China with particular interests in the building of large technological systems, revolution, and war experiences and memories. His first book, Mao's Third Front: Militarization of Cold War China is forthcoming with Cambridge University Press. It examines how the Chinese Communist Party industrialized inland regions in order to protect socialist China from American and Soviet threats. His next book project, The Three Gorges Dam: Building a Hydraulic Engine for China, examines state-led efforts to transform China’s Three Gorges region into a hydraulic engine to power national development in the twentieth century. Currently, he is in the process of developing a third project on changing conceptions of national security in modern China. Dr. Meyskens also curates a website of images of everyday life in Maoist China. His research has been supported by the Fulbright International Institute of Education, the Fulbright-Hays Commission, and the University of Chicago.

Teaching Interests:

History of Modern China

History of East Asia

Modern World History

Recent Publications:

Meyskens, Covell. Mao’s Third Front: The Militarization of Cold War China (forthcoming, Cambridge University Press, 2020). 

Meyskens, Covell. “Labour,” in Afterlives of Chinese Communism: Political Concepts from Mao to Xi, eds. Ivan Franceschini, Nicholas Loubere, and Christian Sorace (London: Verso, 2019).  

Myskens, Covell. “Everyday Life in Mao’s China: A Q&A with Historian Covell Meyskens.” Los Angeles Review of Books, January 27, 2016.

Myskens, Covell. “Third Front Railroads and Industrial Modernity in Late Maoist China.” Twentieth Century China 40 (2015), 238–260.
Ke Shangzhe (Covell Meyskens). “Cong oumei guandian kan sanxian jianshe [Western Perspectives on the Third Front].”  In  Zhongguo gongchandang yu sanxian jianshe [The Chinese Communist Party and the Third Front], edited by Chen Xi, 569-579. Beijing: Zhonggong dangshi chubanshe, 2013.
Myskens, Covell. Searching for Security: Prospects for Peace in Sino-Foreign Relations.” Journal of International and Global Studies 5 (2014).
Meyskens, Covell. “Le Monde Selon Katrina [The World According to Katrina].” Drôle d’époque 17 (2005).
Meyskens, Covell. “Guerre et Race dans le Pacifique: Signes et Pratiques [War and Race in the Pacific: Signs and Practices].” Drôle d’époque 16 (2005)