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thumbnail image Effective 29MAR21, SIGS adopts a new name: the Graduate School of International and Defense Studies (IDS)
The main purpose behind this name change is to better signal to both internal and external stakeholders the school’s unique identity and mission of security-focused graduate education on emerging chal... Read More

thumbnail image Divided We Fall: Why the ‘America First’ Policy Has Created New Problems; Article by Professor Zachary Shore
Professor Zachary Shore’s most recent article, “Divided We Fall: Why the ‘America First’ Policy Has Created New Problems,” appears on The National Interest webpage. In his article, he discusses the un... Read More

thumbnail image New Atlantic Council Article by Scott Jasper: Why Foreign Election Interference Fizzled
Dr. Scott Jasper on why foreign election interference in the US 2020 election fizzled. Read More

thumbnail image NSA Scott Jasper on Russian Influence on the American Vote
In a recent and timely article, published by The Conversation, NSA Dr. Scott Jasper reflects on Russia’s influence on America’s upcoming 2020 election. Read More

thumbnail image NSA Professor Rachel Sigman Awarded 2020 Hamming Teaching Award
NSA Dr. Rachel Sigman has been honored with the 2020 Hamming Teaching Award for her caring dedication to her teaching and students. Read More

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