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Navy Enlisted in New Regional Studies Program
New NPS program welcomes enlisted as part of a new program, NPS Regional Security Studies Program, springing from the 2020 Education for Seapower Strategy. Read More

“Examination of Afghanistan’s 2018 Wolesi Jirga Elections” by NSA Prof. Tom Johnson
NSA Prof. Tom Johnson has co-authored a new article on Afghan electrons with Ronald J. Barnhart for the April 2020 edition of the Journal of Asian Security and International Affairs. The article, “An ... Read More

Chinese Foreign Policy Reviewed by NSA Student Maj. Christensen
The US Air Force Strategic Studies Quarterly published a book review by NSA student Major Temesha R. Christensen (USAF). Maj. Christensen, a current student, reviewed Chinese Foreign Policy: An Introd... Read More

2019 JPR Article of the Year Award Goes to NSA Prof Hafez and Co-authors
NSA Professor Mohammed Hafez has co-authored (with Emily Kalah Gade and Michael Gabbay) an award winning article, “Fratricide in Rebel Movements: A Network Analysis of Syrian Militant Infighting,” whi... Read More

Current NSA Student Publishes Articles on Naval Integration and Great Power Competition
Maj. Ryan Tice publishes and article on naval integration and another on great power competition in the Arctic. Read More

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