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The Need for US Seapower in a Challenging World

Date: June 7, 2022
Time: 12:00pm Pacific
Location: Glasgow 109 & NPS Streaming Live
Forum: Hybrid (both In Person and Virtual)

Watch at our NPS live channel: https://nps.edu/web/video

U.S. Naval Institute’s American Sea Power Project sponsors a series of PROCEEDINGS articles on the importance of sea power to the American people. In a complementary effort, three NPS faculty have recently published “A Maritime Conversation with America” (FEB 2022)  which highlights critical moments when the emergence of new technologies and competitors cause paradigmatic shifts, undermining established naval operations and force structure. Today, the rise of an assertive China and its new anti-access and area-denial capabilities threaten the aircraft carrier-based maritime dominance of the U.S. Navy. Citizens and elected officials alike need to be conversant in the process to create the strategy, forces, and metrics needed to guarantee that the United States wins the emerging maritime competition in the Western Pacific. It is time to explain to the American public the enduring considerations and limitations that shape the operations of their global Navy.

A discussion of the U.S. Naval Institute American Sea Power Project and NPS authored article “A Maritime Conversation with America” (FEB 2022)  - two efforts to reinvigorate interest in naval power.

CAPT Bill Hamblet USN (ret) – Editor-in-Chief, U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings

Dr. James J. Wirtz – NPS National Security Affairs Department

CAPT Jeffrey E. Kline USN (ret)  – NPS Operations Research Department

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