Collaborate with NPS to Deliver Mission-focused Research and Capabilities

NWSI creates and fosters relationships that support the strategic priorities outlined by the Chief of Naval Operations and other national security guiding documents.
We have collected those core documents for you and mapped NPS capabilities to these strategic priorities. Review both pages below. 

Interested in collaborating on mission-focused research? Here’s how:

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NPS Faculty & Students

Share your research interests with the NWSI team. We are creating communities of interest around research topics relevant to NPS’ operational sponsors.   
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Industry Partners

NWSI works with industry partners to establish working relationships governed by Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs). 
  • CRADA 101: This handy guide explains the process. 
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Members of other research organizations

NPS researchers regularly collaborate with other research organizations, such as naval warfare centers, FFRDCs, UARCs, etc. 

Get Started

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Join Key Events

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Check out the latest interdisciplinary events that move the needle on developing new concepts and capabilities for the Naval and joint forces.