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Developing warfighting concepts, tactics, and technologies

NPS Warfare Innovation Continuum leverages classroom projects, theses, and research in advancing naval concepts, assessing new technologies, and developing tactics while enhancing our students’ educational experience and sharpening their combat skills.

University Wide Effort

The NPS Warfare Innovation Continuum provides a naval warfighting theme of interest to naval leadership for NPS capstone classes, student and faculty research projects, CRUSER research threads, wargaming events, and workshops to rally behind.  Traditionally involving over 400 sponsors, faculty and students, past themes include distributed maritime forces, warfare in contested littorals, undersea warfare, and the integration of unmanned systems in naval operations.

From Quantitative Assessments to Design

By synchronizing class and research efforts, a concept or technology’s benefits and risks are better explored.  For example, while the Joint Campaign Analysis course quantifies the value of distributed operations, the wargaming class will develop red’s response, the JC4I class will develop a distributed command and control system, and WIC Workshop propose new technologies to employ.

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Leveraging an Academic Year

The Naval Postgraduate School’s academic disciplines and research range from sound waves to strategy, from fluid dynamics to data analytics, and from robotics to acquisition.  Leveraging this talent and our operationally experienced students to provide a broad look at employing new warfighting concepts or emerging technologies provides a robust assessment for Navy sponsors.  The Warfare Innovation Continuum topics are introduced in July of each year which begins research threads lasting up to two years. The WIC’s products are an executive summary of each classroom and research product.

Interested in getting involved?  Opportunities exist to sponsor specific topics under the WICs theme through the NPS Naval Research Program, participate in the annual Warfare Innovation Continuum Workshop, or introduce technologies for assessment in campaign analysis, wargaming, and workshops.  Contact Prof. Jeff Kline at or call 831.656.7946.