Distinguished Alumni

Naval Postgraduate School's Operations Research Department Alumni have excelled in both military service and as business executives.

Admiral Michael G. Mullen, Chief of Naval Operations, graduated from the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, Calif., with a Master of Science degree in Operations Research. He is also a graduate of the Advanced Management Program at the Harvard Business School.

CAPT (Ret.) James G. Roche, NPS OR class of 1966, was selected to be the Secretary of the Air Force under former President George W. Bush. He is a former vice president at Northrop Grumman Corp. He worked in the State Department during the Reagan administration and later was Democratic staff director for the Senate Armed Services Committee.

BG (Ret.) Thomas E. White, USA, NPS OR class of 1974, was selected to be the Secretary of the Army under former President George W. Bush. He was executive assistant to former Secretary of State Colin Powell when he was chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

VADM (Ret.) Scott Redd, NPS OR class of 1971, enjoyed a distinguished 32-year naval career before becoming President and CEO of NetSchools Corporation. During his career, he earned high regard as a leader, manager and innovator while commanding eight organizations, from a ship to a fleet. Most recently, he was the Pentagon's chief strategist, representing the military in White House National Security Council meetings.

Year of
1954 RADM Frank S. Haak, USN
1956 RADM Conrad Abhau, USN
1961 RADM C. W. Rixey, USN Supply Corp
1962 VADM Tom Hughes, USN
RADM Robert Ailes
1964 VADM Joe Metcalf, USN
1965 VADM William A. Dougherty, USN
VADM Dick Miller, USN
1966 RADM Philip McNall, USN Supply Corp
James G. Roche, Secretary of the Air Force
RADM Grant Sharp, USN
1967 RADM Guy Zeller, USN  

MG Craig A. Hagan, USA
LTG Edwin S. Leland, Jr., USA
MG Edison E. Scholes, USA
VADM George Sterner, USN
MG Joe Stewart, USMC
RDML Ray Walsh, USN

1969 ADM Ozden Ornek, Chief of the Turkish Navy
VADM Bob Spane, USN
LTG John Yeosock, USA
1970 BG Larry R. Capps, USA
Marshall Carter, Chairman of the New York Stock Exchange
RADM Thomas A.Meinicke, USN
VADM James G. Reynolds, USN
MG Edison E. Scholes, USA
MG James B. Taylor, USA
1971 LTG Tom Carney, USA
VADM Lee F. Gunn, USN
RADM James B. Hinkle, USN
VADM J. Scott Redd, USN
MG Steve Silvasy, USA
1972 VADM Jim Amerault, USN
BG George A. Fisher, Jr., USA
MG David E. Hale, USA
LTG Robert Hammond, USA
VADM Bill Hancock, USN
RADM Bob Nutwell, USN
ADM Richard C. Macke, USN
RADM Norman Saunders, USCG
RADM Robert Sutton, USN
1973 RADM Bill Cobb, USN
Lui, Pao Chuen, Chief Defence Scientist, Singapore
RADM John Paddock, Jr., USN
RADM William H. Wright IV, USN
1974 ADM Mario J.F. Braga, Brazilian Navy
RADM Pierce Johnson, USN
ADM Chalin Sakornsin, Royal Thai Navy
Thomas E. White, Secretary of the Army
1975 VADM Keith Lippert, Supply Corp, USN

RADM Robert L. Ellis, USN
LTG David Heebner, USA
VADM Ron Route, USN

1977 MG William S. (Scott) Wallace, USA
1978 MG Robert F. Dees, USA
1980 RADM Michael Finley, Supply Corp, USN
VADM Patricia Tracey, USN
1981 VADM Choi, Ki Chul, Korea Navy
LTG Ricardo Sanchez, USA
1982 VADM Mario Ivan Carratu Molina, Venezuela Navy
1983 VADM Peter Daly, USN
RADM Dana B. McKinney, USN
1984 BGEN Nolen Bivens, USN
1985 ADM Mike Mullen, USN
1987 BG Steven Anderson, USA
RDML James F. Caldwell, Jr., USN
RDML Nevin P. Carr, USN
RDML Dan Davenport, USN
RDML Bill Goodwin, USN
1989 BG Robert Bund, German Army
VADM Bernabe Carrero Cuberos, Venezuela Navy
LTG David Halvorson, USA
RADM Sinclair Harris, USN
1990 BG John Regan, USA
1991 RDML Jesse Wilson, USN
1992 BGen Shafqat Baig, Pakistan Army
RDML Richard Brown, USN
1993 RADM Almir Santos, Brazilian Navy
1994 RDML Glenn Robillard, Supply Corp, USN
1995 BG John P. Johnson, USA
VADM David Johnston, Royal Australian Navy