Logistics Analysis (361)

Logistics Analysis - Curriculum 361

The course sequence in this curriculum is a modification of Curriculum 360, with students taking OA3611 (Principles of Operational Logistics), OA3501 (Inventory I), OA4613 (Energy Logistics in Warfare Operations) and OA4611 (Joint and Combined Logistics), instead ofOA3602, OA4604, and OA electives.  These substituted courses address specialized education skill requirements (ESRs) covering (1) Joint Logistics, (2) Joint Military Operations, Strategy and Planning, and (3) Joint OL Practice. 

Completion of this curriculum results in a Master of Science in Operations Research and qualifies an officer as an Operations Research Logistics Analysis (ORLA) Subspecialist with a subspecialty code of 3212P. The community manager for this subspecialty is BUPERS-316, the Director of Supply Corps Officer Community Management.

Details of this curriculum are available in the online NPS Academic Catalog.

Course Matrix