Systems Engineering Analysis (308)

Systems Engineering Analysis (SEA) - Curriculum 308

Curriculum 308 Systems Engineering Analysis (SEA) is sponsored by OPNAV N9I (Director, Warfare Integration). It is an 18-month, combat-oriented systems engineering and analysis program. NPS built this curriculum in 2002 with significant Fleet input to teach U.S. Navy Unrestricted Line Officers how the Navy builds and fights large combat systems. There are six interdisciplinary threads interwoven in the curriculum: SEA Preparation (Basics), Analysis, Systems Technology, Systems Engineering, a Capstone Project, and JPME. The thesis is replaced with a group project that requires students to interact with senior Naval leaders and address significant issues of immediate relevance to the Fleet.

The SEA program is led by the OPNAV N9I Chair for Systems Engineering Analysis (Professor of Practice Jeff Kline, Captain, U.S. Navy, retired). The Academic Associate is Mark Stevens (Lieutentant Colonel, U.S. Army, Retired), and the Program Officer is CDR Scott Cohick (USN). Students who complete this curriculum receive a Master of Science in Systems Engineering Analysis (MSSEA)— awarded jointly by the Chair of the Systems Engineering Department and the Chair of the OR Department—and qualify for Navy subspecialty code 6500P.

Additional information about the program is available from the NPS Academic Catalog.