The mission of the Operations Research Department is to provide premier graduate education in military operations research and to produce high-quality, objective, academically rigorous research and professional advice in support of military- and security-related operations. 

Our Department is one of the oldest, largest, and most highly respected OR departments in the U.S. It is without peer in terms of the extent to which graduate education is integrated with a commitment to solving real military problems. Our students and faculty use the latest mathematical modeling ideas and computing technology to penetrate deeply into the analysis of important real-world problems. Analysis is a key word; NPS operations researchers frequently influence decisions and serve as agents for change.



Operations Research is the science of going "from data to decision." We educate analysts so they can apply the latest tools in data analysis, computation, optimization, machine learning, modeling, and simulation, and so they are fully capable of conducting independent analytical studies of military problems and advising senior leaders.


We solve real problems. Military problems. Operational problems. Hard, nasty problems. Not just in theory, but in practice. We develop and deploy decision support tools, and teach our students how to do the same.