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Hazardous Materials Listing

Hazardous Materials Listing - content

The following material cannot be shipped with a member's household goods: 

  • Aerosol Cans: Any aerosol cans containing flammable gas, flammable liquid and toxic or corrosive substances is prohibited.
  • Combustible Liquids: Alcoholic Beverages - Alcohols - Antifreeze Compounds - Camphor Oils Fluid Cleaners
  • Chlorinated Hydrocarbons: Any chlorinated hydrocarbons such as those found in decorative lamps.
  • Compressed Gases: Engine Starting Fluid - Fire Extinguishers - Welding Gases - Scuba Tanks (see note 1) - Corrosive Liquids - Muriatic Acids - Nitric Acids - Photographic Acids - Sulphuric Acids - Battery (with acid)
  • Explosives: Ammunition - Black Powder - Blasting Caps - Dynamite - Plastic Explosive - Fireworks - Fuse Lighters - Igniters - Primers - Propellants - Signal Flares - Smokeless Powder Antique Explosives - Spear Guns using charged heads - Toy Propellants - Smoke Devices
  • Flammables: Acetone - Adhesives - Glues - Cements - Plastics - Ammonia - Charcoal Briquettes Cleaning Fluids - 3 Weed Killers - Denatured Alcohol - Enamel - Gasoline - Insecticides - Lacquer Leather Dressing - Bleach - Lighter Fluids - Liquors - Matches - Oil Stains - Paint - Propane - Paint Remover - Petroleum Products - Liquid Polishes - Propane Tanks (see note 3) - Propane Gas - Shellac - Shoe Polish - Solvents - Stains - Turpentine - Varnish - Wood Filler

Note 1:
Only those scuba diving tanks containing not more than 25 pounds per square inch at 70 degrees Fahrenheit may be shipped as household goods or unaccompanied baggage. Written certification of purging serviced by a dive shop or licensed individual qualified to perform purging is required. A tag or label must be affixed to the tank certifying the service was performed, or you must completely empty the tank, remove the valve and replace with a plug designed for this purpose.

Note 2:
Battery-operated home devices (fire alarms, etc.) must be in deactivated state (NO batteries).

Note 3:
Disconnect and purge all propane tanks prior to shipment. Written certification of purging must be made by a professional individual or company certified to perform such purging. Do not attempt to purge the tanks yourself. A label or tag must be affixed to each tank that indicates the purging was conducted in accordance with the National Fire Protection Association's standards, or the tanks will not be moved