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The process begins with your orders - they authorize your entitlements and provide the accounting information needed to fund your move.  During the summer—May, June, and July—most commands are in competition with other military activities, as well as both the commercial and corporate market. This competition creates shortages of drivers, packers, and helpers, as well as trucks and warehouse space.  As a result of this added competition for service, most van lines are saturated (all trucks and crews are booked) during many of the days, which causes added stress for all.  Be prepared to provide alternate dates.  

The Naval Postgraduate School has a graduation in March, June, September, and December.  Since everyone graduates on the same day, everyone schedules their move dates for the same dates, which results in even more of a burden on the local packing companies, and as a result, your move can suffer.  

For our moving companies to provide the best service you deserve, we encourage all students to be flexible with your moving dates. If at all possible, schedule your packing dates 5 - 7 days before or 5 - 7 days after the graduation date.

HHG Claims

70 days from date of delivery to notify carrier [Transportation Service Provider] through DPS [Defense Personal Property System]. Log on to www.move.mil.

Questions regarding your HHG claim: contact PPSO at 831-656-2151.

Outbound Appointments

Arrange your household goods move online today! www.move.mil

Log on to DPS [Defense Personal Property System]. All military services are required to use www.move.mil to arrange for the shipment of household goods. After completing your move online, our office will contact you within 24 hours. For problems with DPS, call 1-800-462-2176.

Please contact us for any questions at 831-656-2151.