Carmel Shore (COA)


NPS possesses FAA COA#: 2020-WSA-6239-USN-DOD waiver to operate sUAS along Carmel shore. UAS operations are limited to 400ft above the ground/water. Swarm or multiple UAS operations may not be compatible with this site.

This site has significant environmental protections, including Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary and Marine Mammal protection requirements. As such, advance planning is needed:

  1. To join / schedule a test event contact Prof Mara Orescanin at (831) 656-3233 or with "Carmel Shore Testing" in the subject line.
  2. To operate along Carmel shore, the DD Form 2977 Deliberate Risk Assessment Worksheet is required (see example).
  3. Email request for approval of Flight Schedule form to NPS UAS Ops with "Carmel Approval Request" in the subject line, at least three business day before the scheduled event (see example).
Carmel Test Site


Dr. Oleg Yakimenko
Distinguished Professor
Associate Dean of Research
(831) 656-2826

NPS UAS Ops Executive Board


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