We're keen to help you prepare and share robot mission data for the robodata archive.


  • Non-sensitive data only please, must be cleared for public release without restrictions.
  • Willing to publish under an open-source license,such as Creative Commons (CC BY-SA 4.0) or another open license.
  • Pictures including people must have their permission for public release.

Contribute Your Mission Data

Interested?  We're keen to work with your team.

Please email with as much of the following information as possible.

  • Robot name, type, configuration and identifying information
  • Experiment goals and outcomes
  • Location, date, times
  • Sensor types
  • Telemetry data files
  • Images with captions, date/time/location
  • Video availability
  • 3D models (any format, will publish as X3D)

Current thesis work is investigating how to regularize these processes (i.e. make data collection "easy") in order to best support JIFX, NPS and (maybe someday) the entire Navy.

Thanks for considering these opportunities.