Equatorially Trapped Plasmas

Equatorially Trapped Plasmas

Equatorially trapped plasmas, and the equatorial noise, were one of the most prominent features of the SCATHA observations.  



Here is the work done with Dynamics Explorer 1 - Plasma Observations, the Density Minimum, and my one theory paper.

A recent article reports on Cluster observations of equatorial noise.

The AMPTE/CCE satellite mass spectrometer provided some pretty good data, and a thesis,  Detailed analysis case studies of trapped plasmas at the Earth's magnetic equatorEric S. Lantto, 1993.

And my favorite paper, and the only one with any real theory - " Comparison Between Liouville‚Äôs Theorem And Observed Latitudinal Distribution Of Trapped Ions In The Plasmapause Region" (1994). I had to use data from SCATHA and DE-1 to get the complete story, with some help from the understanding we developed with the AMPTE results..    


One other note - I worked on the "Liouville" paper while back in Huntsville for a summer program (ASEE). The short version is here.  I would not mention that except for the exceptional work by Mike Pangia, which apparently never got published anywhere else.  Mike showed that the non-Maxwellian distributions we were seeing, better modeled, apparently, as kappa distributions, could be derived from first order thermodynamic principles. The Kappa Distribution as a Variational solution for an Infinite Plasma  A really important piece of work, that never got much further exposure.

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