Remote Sensing Center Degrees

“Remote sensing means taking images from a distance. Satellite imaging of one kind or another – optical, infrared, radar – those are sort of the cornerstone technologies that comprise remote sensing. It has to do with obtaining information about something at a distance without interacting with it directly.” ~ Professor Richard C. Olsen, Remote Sensing Center Executive Director

The NPS Remote Sensing Intelligence Master’s degree program was established to provide students with a comprehensive education in remote sensing, as well as prepare them for jobs in critical national security fields after completion of the curriculum.

The program originated with our desire to build technical intelligence as a discipline, and when the Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaisance Task Force (ISR Task Force) needed manpower to go with the surge in technology in 2012, we were ready.  We brought in 20 young civilians from a variety of backgrounds, and set to work.

This one-year program incorporated courses and a thesis designed specifically to meet the needs of the intelligence community, and teach skills that would solve crucial problems for the warfighter.

Students selected for the Remote Sensing Intelligence Master’s program came from a variety of academic backgrounds, and all shared the common goal of directly using what they learned at NPS to benefit the warfighter.

At least two of the graduates are now working towards PhD's.

The program was deprecated due to a lack of (USN) sponsorship.

Curriculum matrix

Now you have to go to Germany (Potsdam) for such a program...

class of 2012

Class of 2012

The class of 2012 (large)

Jeremy, Michelle, Aaron, Sharky....




Class of 2013

Class of 2013

Class of 2013 (large)

Geno, Chaos (U2 pilots), Rebecca, ....

Class of 2014 (not shown) - Amanda & Shelli