RSC - Olsen - Technical Reports

Technical Reports

1. Olsen, R. C., and E. C. Whipple, Active Experiments in Modifying Spacecraft Potential: Results from ATS-5 and ATS-6, Contract Report, NAS 5-23481.2. 

2. Olsen, R. C., R. H. Comfort, M. O. Chandler, T. E. Moore, J. H. Waite, Jr., D. L. Reasoner and A. P. Biddle, DE-1 RIMS Operational Characteristics, NASA Technical Memorandum, NASA TM-86527, October 1985.

3. Olsen, R. C., Current Limiting Mechanisms in Electron and Ion Beam Experiments, NPS-61-89-013, Naval Postgraduate School, August 1989.

4. Olsen, R. C., Charging Characteristics of Dynamics Explorer I Retarding Ion Mass Spectrometer and the Consequence for Core Plasma Measurements, NPS-61-89-014, Naval Postgraduate School, September 1989.

5. Olsen, R. C., Proceedings of the Spacecraft Charging Technology Conference, held at the Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA, 31 October - 3 November 1989.

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