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For the past twenty years, The Naval Postgraduate School's Regional Security Education Program (RSEP) has provided deploying Fleet and Fleet Marine Forces to better prepare naval personnel for the historical, cultural, diplomatic, and political-military issues they will encounter while deployed overseas.

RSEP is provided for you, your staff and detachments by faculty members at NPS and other subject matter and regional experts.  These graduate-level lectures, practical instruction on cultural sensitivities and diplomacy, and face-to-face (currently remote due to COVID-19) interaction with experts on issues and regional matters of importance to you.

Program costs are funded by NPS, so there is no cost to you except time invested in participating in RSEP lectures and briefings. An RSEP program for you and your command can be designed to best fit your schedules and "challenge deep thinkers." We recommend a short decision brief for you and/or your leaders at which time we can discuss the content and delivery options for your program, timing, and answer questions you may have concerning RSEP. Please note that all of our program briefs are unclassified.

If you have any questions, please contact us.


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