Summer RODS Training

Summer RODS Training


Monterey offers a wealth of outdoor activities!  Get out there with family and friends and have fun; but remember to use Risk Management and your better judgement.  


Each year approximately 1,152 Navy military personnel engaged in recreation, athletics and home activities are accidentally injured or killed. These mishaps have cost the Navy approximately 23,441 workdays.


ALL NPS Personnel (Staff, Faculty, and Students) must review the training material below.





The information below is supplemental RODS and local information to help keep you and your family safe this summer!  Even more information may be found on the RODS page.

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Fireworks Safety and Local Info

There are a number of state and local laws that everyone needs to be aware of if they plan on using fireworks in the Monterey Bay area. This poster gives tips for safe use of fireworks and lists the areas where fireworks are BANNED. Firework use on area beaches disturbs the wildlife and can also result in hefty fines!

Beach Poster


Monterey Bay Beaches

The Monterey Bay area has a wealth of natural treasures and beautiful beaches. Get out there with your family and enjoy yourself! But before you do, know the Go and No Go areas! There are some particularly dangerous beaches in the area that have high numbers of fatalities.


This poster maps out these dangerous beaches and gives details about them.