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Promotion and Tenure of Dr. Anthony Pollman

February 8, 2023

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On January 26th, Assistant Professor Anthony (Tony) Pollman was promoted to Associate Professor and awarded tenure at the Naval Postgraduate School.

In the SE department, Dr. Pollman taught Systems Engineering Core, Combat Systems, and Mathematical Modeling courses. He also taught for the DA, MAE, and PH departments. In total, during his five-year tenure at NPS, he delivered 17 sections, advised multiple capstone projects, and shepherded over 80 students to graduation. Prior to joining NPS in 2017, Tony taught at USNA, where his teaching excellence was recognized with the 2012 USNA Clements Award for Outstanding Military Educator and the 2011 USNA honorable mention for the Apgar Award for Excellence in Teaching.

Dr. Pollman was an editor of two books on Future Warfighting concepts and implications published by the Marine Corps University Press, 2020 and 2022), co-author of two book chapters (Springer Nature), 33 peer-reviewed journal articles, and 23 peer-reviewed conference papers (three of those, published with NPS students, won the best paper award). Anthony was also a winner of the USNI NPS essay contest, 2nd place winner of the USNI Mine Warfare essay contest, and winner of the Johns Hopkins Award for Excellence in Physics.

The Pollman’s: Tony, Greg, Lisa, Maria, Mike, Marie, and Pat

Tony unselfishly shared his expertise and passion for education with other organizations and countries. He led scenario-based learning exercises with the Marine Forces Reserve. Abroad, he supported the application of the SE approach for developing an infrastructure resiliency plan with ministries and agencies in Azerbaijan. His work with engineers abroad in North Africa helped develop infrastructure in remote villages.

Individually, and as part of a research team, Dr. Pollman worked on a variety of research projects funded by ONR (NextSTEP and NEPTUNE), OPNAV N9I, Naval Reactors, Naval Research Program (NRP), Combatant Commands, Marine Forces Reserve, and the Deputy Assistant SECNAV Operational Energy. His research in liquid energy storage and the operationalization of liquid hydrogen is groundbreaking and will lead to significantly increasing the operational reach of naval forces. The associated four patents from this work will have a long-term impact on the DOD and industry.

In 2018–2022, Dr. Pollman served as the Faculty Council Representative at Large and as a Budget Committee member. Since 2021, Dr. Pollman served as a member of the SE Department Curriculum Committee, N9I Chair of a joint SE-OR Systems Engineering Analysis program, and SE Associate Chair for Operations.

There is no doubt that Tony had a great future of continued contributions to the SE Department, NPS, Navy, Marine Corps, and DOD. Unfortunately, struggling with illness, Associate Professor Anthony Pollman, a Marine Veteran who served this country since 1994, passed away February 1st at his home in the Illinois village, Oconee, surrounded by his loving family. He was 47 years old and survived by his two brothers, Pat and Greg, and two sisters, Lisa and Maria.

Dr. Pollman was a cherished department colleague and a valued member of the NPS community and will be long remembered by his students, colleagues, and friends.