Engineering Systems Master's Program, MSES (580)

Systems Engineering at NPS provides a broad education in systems engineering methods and tools, and depth in a particular domain of application. Several domain tracks are offered, including combat systems engineering, ship systems engineering, and network-centric systems engineering. Other tracks are added, based on sponsor and student demand. The tracks consist of seven or more courses to gain depth in the domain area. These tracks complement the standard set of systems engineering courses. The curriculum is interdisciplinary and draws on courses from across campus.

Admission Requirements:  

Non-ABET Accredited Baccalaureate Degree, GPA of 2.6 or better, and successful completion of a calculus course

Entry Dates:  September and March

Program Officer: CDR Caleb MacDonald

Academic Officer: Mark Stevens


Degree Requirements

  1. Completion of an approved curriculum that includes:
    1. A minimum of 36 quarter credit hours of 3000 and 4000 level courses, 16 of which must be at the 4000 level.
    2. A series of courses in systems engineering defined by each curriculum.
  2. Completion of a 12 quarter credit hour thesis course sequence and a thesis or a capstone project course sequence and capstone project report, depending on curriculum requirements.