SE Faculty Patents


Bailey, Nicholas, C. Girouard, and Anthony Pollman. 2021.  Dual Stirling Cycle Liquid Air Battery.  US Patent App. 17/393,275.

Fleming, Austin, Elizabeth Geiss, Benjamin Rathwell, and Anthony Pollman. 2021.  Bi-directional Charging Panel. US Patent App. 17/063,556.

Eldred, Ross A., and Jonathan Lussier. 2019. Spherical Autonomous Underwater Vehicle. US Patent App. 17/027,682.

Pollman, Anthony. 2019.  Vertical burial containment system.  U.S. Patent 10,486,855, filed March 1, 2018, and issued November 26, 2019.

Yakimenko, Oleg, and R. Decker. 2019.  Image-matching navigation method and apparatus for aerial vehicles.  U.S. Patent 10,515,458, filed February 28, 2018, and issued December 24, 2019.

Yakimenko, O., M. Kolsch, and R. Decker. 2018.  Method and apparatus for computer vision analysis of spin rate of marked projectiles. U.S. Patent 9,911,046, filed November 12, 2015, and issued March 16, 2018.

Yakimenko, O., M. Kolsch, M.,  and R. Decker.  Method and apparatus for computer vision analysis of cannon-launched artillery video. U.S. Patent 9,721,352 filed November 19, 2014, and issued August 1, 2017.