SE PhD Degree Requirements: 

The Department of Systems Engineering offers a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree in Systems Engineering. Students take graduate level course in systems engineering (as needed to pass the oral and written qualifying examinations), advanced graduate courses in systems engineering and an application domain, and perform research that leads to a dissertation involving some aspect of systems engineering. Research topics may be selected from a broad variety of studies of the systems engineering process, applications of systems engineering to solving complex problems, systems level modeling and simulation, and systems suitability assessment. Subject to approval of the student's dissertation committee chairman, dissertation research may be conducted away from NPS at cooperating facilities. Students must satisfy a one-year residency requirement. This may be met by completing an NPS M.S. degree plus periodic extended stays (nominally two weeks per quarter) at an NPS campus spread throughout the duration of the student's program. The M.S. degree may be completed before enrollment in the Ph.D. program.


For additional questions please download the SE PhD Handbook

Points of Contact: Further technical information on the SE Ph.D. program may be obtained by contacting Dr. Douglas Van Bossuyt.

Information pertaining to program costs may be obtained by contacting Dr. Wally Owen