student outcomes

Student Outcomes


In order to achieve the objectives for the master of science in systems engineering (MSSE) program, graduates must complete at least one year of study, or at least 45 quarter credit hours, beyond a baccalaureate level program, achieve a mastery of systems engineering, and complete a thesis or capstone project report, where each student attains outcomes demonstrating an ability to:

  1. Subject Matter Competence:  Apply advanced graduate-level knowledge and competencies in the systems engineering discipline.
  2. Technical Merit: Apply technical expertise and methodological rigor in conducting research and analysis.
  3. Engineering Reasoning: Apply critical thinking and reasoning.
  4. Communication: Communicate results both orally and in writing.

In addition to attaining these student outcomes, each student will have had post-secondary educational and/or professional experiences that supports that attainment of student outcomes as defined in the ABET EAC general criteria for baccalaureate programs, Criterion 3; and includes at least one year of math and basic science, at least one-and-a-half years of engineering topics, and a major design experience that meets the requirements in the general criteria for baccalaureate programs, Criterion 5.  Students that have attained an ABET EAC accredited undergraduate degree meet these post-secondary requirements.