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The 2023 DoD Symposium on Information Strategy and Political Warfare (SISPoW)

Regional Strategic Competition in a Globalized Environment

Knowledge, Attitude and Practice for Operations in the Information Environment (OIE)

When: June 28-30, 2023

Where: Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA - GLASGOW ROOM 109 

What: The 2023 DoD Symposium on Information Strategy and Political Warfare (SISPoW) 

Dress: Business Casual / Field Uniforms optional

This annual symposium is a three-day event of individual speakers and panelists discussing all facets of operations in the information environment (OIE), which includes narratives, psychological operations, influence operations, space operations, cyberspace operations, and cognitive warfare, among many others, with a current focus on strategic competition and integrated deterrence. This symposium will be focusing on research in the field, thus it will be a bring together subject matter experts (SMEs) from academia, graduate students, as well as government practitioners and the private sector to collaborate and problem-solve critical issues such as information dominance, emerging technology in the IE, political warfare, and grey zone conflict. Our goal this year is to encourage research collaboration among various scholars and projects in order to better inform the force and other policymakers regarding operations in the information environment.

This year we want to focus on PRC and Russian information and influence operations in regions that have been getting less exposure with the war in Ukraine and Chinese saber-rattling in Taiwan making constant headlines. Panels will include OIE research for four regions: the Arctic, Greater Central Asia, sub-Saharan Africa, and Latin America/the Caribbean. Two more panels will cover the state of wargaming and assessments, and emerging technology in the IE which is rapidly changing the information battlefield. We will also have speakers covering the Ukraine conflict, INDOPACOM region, an overview of the Joint MISO WebOps Center (JMWC), and a civilian’s persecutive on public diplomacy and communications.

The future of strategic competition will largely involve operations in the information environment - the dynamics of which are evolving rapidly via the cyber domain, space, artificial intelligence, and traditional means. These environments are also crucial in the DoD’s integrated deterrence concept. These operations can also be dubbed “21st Century Political Warfare.” The discussions at the symposium will reflect this condition. We will have breakout rooms and classified space reserved for those who wish to chat more and network. We hope to see you there!

If you or someone you know is planning on attending, but do not have an active Common Access Card (CAC) or a Veteran’s ID, please reach out to ASAP as some paperwork is required for gate access.

We hope for your participation and attendance in June! Please reach out to the DoD ISRC with any questions:

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