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agenda 2023


Wednesday, June 28, 2023  

0730-0800: Registration/Coffee 

0800-0820: Admin Instructions/Welcoming Remarks: Dr. Ryan Maness, Provost Scott Gartner, Naval Postgraduate School 

0820-0915: Speaker: Alexander Rojavin, JD, Director of Counter Foreign Malign Influence Strategy, Deft9 Solutions, Inc.: OIE in the Ukraine-Russo War  

This presentation will be a bird's-eye survey of the OIE side of the Russo-Ukrainian War, with special attention to Ukrainian state strategy and tactics.  

0915-0930: Break  

0930-1100: Panel: Influence Efforts in Greater Central Asia 
Moderator: Dr. Siamak Naficy, Naval Postgraduate School  
Dr. Shannon Houck, Naval Postgraduate School  
Mr. Gianni Koskinas, The Hoplite Group 
Dr. Josh Segal, Central Deft9 Solutions, Inc.   
Mr. Akira Igata, The University of Tokyo 

1100-1230: Lunch  

1230-1400: Panel: Strategic Competition in the Arctic  
Moderator:  Dr. Ben Gochman, NORAD and USNORTHCOM J39 
Dr. Whitney Lackenbauer, North America Arctic Defence and Security Network (Canada) 
Dr. Adam Lajeunesse, St. Francis Xavier University (Canada)  
Mr. Troy Bouffard, University of Alaska – Fairbanks (US) 
Dr. Ryan Burke, US Air Force Academy 
Mr. Alexander Rojavin, JD, Deft9 Solutions, Inc.  

1400-1415: Break 

1415-1505: Speaker: COL Christopher Leung, Joint MISO WebOps Center (JMWC) 
This brief will be an overview of the JMWC by its Director, COL Christopher Leung 

1505-1530: Break 

1530-1700: Panel: Competition in sub-Saharan Africa 
Moderator: Dr. Shannon Houck, Naval Postgraduate School
Ms. Jessica Pickering, Emergent Risk International (ERI) 
Dr. Scott Lyons, Institute for Security and Governance at NPS  
Dr. Paul Nantulya, National Defense University

1700-1710: Closing Comments, Dr. Ryan Maness, Naval Postgraduate School  


Thursday, June 29, 2023

0730-0800: Registration/Coffee 

0800-0820: Welcoming Remarks: Office of Information Operations Policy (OIOP) 

0820-0910: Speaker: Mr. Bob Sholtis, MARFORPAC/INDOPACOM 
“Back to the Future and Cognitive Warfare”  

0910-0930: Break  

0930-1100: Panel: Infiltration in Latin America and the Caribbean  
Moderator: Ms. Julia McClenon, Naval Postgraduate School
Ms. Isabel Bernhard, Atlantic Council's Arsht Latin America Center (former)
Dr. Evan Ellis, U.S. Army War College, Center for Strategic International Studies
Dr. Ryan Berg, Center for Strategic International Studies (CSIS)
Mr. Jim Dean, SOUTHCOM J39  

1100-1230: Lunch 

1230-1400: Panel: Wargaming and the Assessment Dilemma 
Moderator: Dr. Christopher Paul, RAND/Naval Postgraduate School
Mr. Jim Mcneive, RAND/Marine Corps Information Operations Center (MCIOC)
Mr. Brian David Johnson, Arizona State University Threatcasting Lab
Dr. Benjamin Jensen, Marine Corps University, CSIS
Mr. Alex Ruiz, Phaedrus LLC
Mr. Denis Garman, Lockheed Martin Energy
COL Natalie Vanatta, China Outcomes Group, NSA/USCYBERCOM 

1400-1420: Break 

1420-1550: Panel: Emerging Technology and Challenges to the IE
Moderator: Dr. Andrew Whiskeyman, National Defense University, ARLIS
Dr. Camber Warren, Naval Postgraduate School
Dr. Brian Kettler, DARPA
LTC Chris Haynes, SOCOM, 7th Psychological Operations Battalion
Ms. Katerina Sedova, Global Engagement Center, Department of State 

1550-1600: Quick break 

1600-1650: Speaker: Dr. Philip Arceneaux, Miami University (Ohio)
Dr. Phillip Arceneaux's presentation will highlight how public diplomacy can support security interests in the information operation environment as a soft power form of information strategy within political warfare. 

1650-1700: Closing Remarks, Dr. Ryan Maness, Naval Postgraduate School   


Friday, June 30, 2023 


0800-0820: Dr. Andrew Whiskeyman, National Defense University, ARLIS 

0820-0950: Grad Panel #1
Moderator: Dr. Ryan Maness, Naval Postgraduate School 
MAJ Kelley Jhong (USA), recent graduate, Naval Postgraduate School 
Mr. Kevin Lentz, University of Texas at Austin
CDT Alexis Bradstreet/MAJ Nicholas Starck, United States Military Academy
Capt. Brittney Hejna (USAF), Naval Postgraduate School  

0950-1010: Break 

1010-1140: Grad Panel #2
Moderator: COL (ret.) Ian Rice, Naval Postgraduate School
MAJ Don Gomez (USA), Naval Postgraduate School
MAJ Patrick Cunningham (USA), Naval Postgraduate School
Capt. Patrick Franck (USAF), 39th Information Operations Squadron
Lt. Erik Van Hegewald (USAF), Pardee RAND Graduate School
LT Rayhan Imamul Khair (Indonesia Navy), Naval Postgraduate School  

1140-1300: Lunch 

1300-1420: Panel Way Ahead
Moderator: Dr. Ryan Maness, Naval Postgraduate School
Panelists TBD 

1420-1440: Closing Remarks and Way Ahead, Dr. Ryan Maness, Mr. Kimo Sabalboro on INDOPACOM IO/EW Conference in October  



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