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U.S. DoD Counter-Small UAS Strategy Released

U.S. DoD Counter-Small UAS Strategy Released

The U.S. Department of Defense released its strategy for countering small Unmanned Aircraft Systems today.

The U.S. Department of Defense just released its Counter-Small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) Strategy. The central challenge addressed by the Counter-sUAS Strategy is

The exponential growth of sUAS creates new risks for the Department.Technology trends are dramatically transforming legitimate applications of sUAS while simultaneously making them increasingly capable weapons in the hands of state actors, non-state actors, and criminals. Small UAS may also pose hazards to DoD operations in the air, land, and maritime domains when controlled by negligent or reckless operators.The Department must protect and defend personnel, facilities, and assets in an environment where increasing numbers of sUAS will share the skies with DoD aircraft, operate in the airspace over DoD installations, and be employed by our Nation’s adversaries.

In addition to recognizing materiel solutions may be insufficient, the three objectives central to the strategy are to:

  • Enhance the Joint Force through innovation and collaboration to protect DoD personnel, assets, and facilities in the homeland, host nations, and contingency locations;
  • Develop materiel and non-materiel solutions that facilitate the safe execution of DoD missions and deny adversaries the ability to impede our objectives; and 
  • Build and broaden our relationships with allies and partners to protect our interests at home and abroad.

A copy of the strategy, as well as other S&T documents, is available in the SLAMR S&T documents repository.

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