Joint Interagency Field Experimentation

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JIFX Overview

Joint Interagency Field Experimentation (JIFX) demonstrates new technologies in an operational field environment

  • Early warfighter experimentation to better understand technologies and how to use them
  • Creates a collaborative, boundary-pushing environment to explore the implications and applications of emerging technology
  • Events are designed to support experimentation with technologies at Technology Readiness Level 7 and below

JIFX events espouse five fundamental tenets:

  • Austere by Design.  We provide the basics - space to work, an airstrip, bathrooms, and basic communications infrastructure.  It's up to you to bring everything you need.
  • Collaboration is Expected.  Collaboration often results in unexpected and positive results.  You are required to collaborate within your ability.  Proprietary, classified, ITARS, EARS, etc., information provide the only exceptions.
  • Bounded, Not Controlled.  We create a safe, secure, and legal sandbox in which products grow and new ideas flourish.
  • Inclusive by Default.  Everyone is welcome to apply to the event; good ideas come from everywhere so share your thoughts.
  • Develop.  Now.  We are immediate.  We do not put off development until next week.  We expect development activity at the event in realtime. 
OUSD(R&E) Field Experimentation Programs

Joint Interagency Field Experimentation (JIFX) demonstrates and evaluates new technologies related to Department of Defense research in an operational field environment.  JIFX also provides the operational community an opportunity to experiment with these technologies to better understand their capabilities and how to use them.  Together this creates a collaborative, boundary-pushing environment to explore the implications and applications of emerging technology. 

Thunderstorm is an enduring technology demonstration venue open to a wide range of participants, including small businesses, military, and the interagency.  New technologies can be integrated, evaluated, and assessed under real world conditions with scripted and unscripted scenarios. 

Stiletto is a maritime technology demonstration platform with an “electronic keel” that enables rapid integration, demonstration, and experimentation with new technologies.  The 88-foot experimental boat provides an authentic military maritime platform with easy access for small businesses and non-traditional performers. 

Simulation Experiments (SIMEX) provide a high-fidelity environment to develop operational concepts for emerging technologies. Sensors, weapon systems, kill chains, and command and control with operational users are accurately modeled and simulated by MITRE Corporation's National Security Experimentation Laboratory, providing data-driven results.

The Joint Capability Technology Demonstration (JCTD) Program...