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USCG Autonomy Workshop Report

USCG Autonomy Workshop Report

The U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) recently published its final report from it autonomous systems workshop, which took place in September 2023.The workshop builds off the tri-service maritime strategy, which was published in 2020.

The USCG workshop

brought together a unique and diverse group of federal, academic, and industry participants to explore the state of the industry for autonomy technology and its impact and opportunities for the [USCG] across plausible futures. … This workshop achieved two main objectives: 1) Produce information to inform USCG strategies, operational approaches, and research efforts towards autonomous systems and 2) Identify future operational and research partners for engagement within the next 10 years to address USCG autonomous capabilities requirements. The workshop focused on framing future USCG strategies, operational approaches, and research areas to address the requirements, possible mission use, and regulation over the “near term” and the “future” out to 2048. (p. 2)

Key recommendations from the USCG’s Evergreen Pinecone report (pp. 8-11), include:

  1. The USCG needs Autonomy R&D Partnerships;
  2. Funding for USCG R&D Autonomy development, operation sustainment for continuous updates, and training;
  3. Evaluation of COTS Autonomy Systems for USCG use;
  4. [USCG] MINERVA Linkage;
  5. The USCG Should become a Peer Competitor for Autonomy with the Navy;
  6. Engagement of Stakeholders; 
  7. Neural Networks and decision-making;
  8. Counter-UxS (C-UxS); 
  9. Autonomy Post-Graduate Education; 
  10. Incorporate the Maritime Academies and the Merchant Marine Academy in developing training guidelines; 
  11. Autonomy use in Maintenance and Inspection; 
  12. Interagency R&D Opportunities/Engagement; and
  13. Data Management, Use and Infrastructure.

Download a copy of the workshop report here.

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