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Naval Surface and Undersea Warfare Centers NEEC Call for Proposals

Naval Surface and Undersea Warfare Centers NEEC Call for Proposals

Check out this funding opportunity for universities! The Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) Warfare Centers recently published the call for proposals for Naval Engineering Education Consortium (NEEC) program fiscal year 2023 opportunities. Fiscal year 2023 begins 1 October 2022 making this a near-term opportunity. Some areas of interest in the solicitation are listed below. 

  • Development of academic certificate programs to advance education and training opportunities for ship, submarine, unmanned vehicle and/or associated system concepts, technologies, and processes;
  • System, subsystem, and component identification using Natural Language Processing; 
  • Adaptive networks for dynamic spectrum and spatial environments, including novel algorithmic approaches for distributed sensor management such as Deep Complex Convolutional Networks or other Deep Learning techniques;
  • Trust in robotic operating systems;
  • Intelligent automation;
  • Hypersonic weapons advancement;
  • Information superiority;
  • Directed energy; 
  • Novel energetic materials and systems;
  • Development and characterization of novel materials (i.e. sorbant, hydrophobic, oleophobic, and omniphobic surfaces or coatings) for interacting with contaminants of interest;
  • Theoretical, modelling, and experimentation of microscopic description inside the detonation zone in gaseous media;
  • Development and characterization of fundamental shock wave, shock wave propagation and shock effects at different temperatures;
  • Synthetic methods and/or novel compounds; 
  • Zero-trust via boot-strap techniques;
  • Expand unmanned systems collaborative autonomy using advanced methods of decision-making;
  • Fundamental acoustic, seismic, conductivity/resistivity, magnetic, electromagnetic, electro-optic, and gravimetric sensor design;
  • Investigation and analysis of low global warming potential refrigerants;
  • Secure directional communication bubble between transmitter(s) and receiver(s) using magnetic induction;
  • Additive manufacturing for the Navy’s supply chain, prototyping, and mission readiness;
  • Explore data taxonomy, statistics, modeling, natural language processing, and machine learning for naval logistic operations supporting mission system;
  • Explore various data analysis and visualization tools and identify a preferred solution, and produce dashboards to explore ways that can be display the multitude of data sets;
  • Explore and integrate multiple tools, and identify a Text Sentiment Analysis tool for Navy to perform analysis on various narrative fields;
  • Develop algorithms to process data (sensor data, imagery, thermal) generated by in-situ monitoring systems during metal powder bed fusion additive manufacturing builds produced by metal 3D printers;
  • Decentralized predictive capabilities, such as Blockchain technology, to assist in Supply Chain Risk Management; and
  • Perception of raw sensor data for unmanned undersea vehicle (UUV) operations.

Learn more about the NAVSEA NEEC program!

SLAMR posts this information as a courtesy for the SLAMR community and DoD Research Enterprise. Those interested in this opportunity should consult an authoritative source, like the Broad Area Announcement, for requirements and updates.

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