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About Spacecraft Research and Design Center

The Spacecraft Research and Design Center at the Naval Postgraduate School consists of five state-of-the art laboratories:

FLTSATCOM Laboratory
Smart Structure and Attitude Control Laboratory
Spacecraft Design Center
NPS-AFRL Optical Relay Mirror Spacecraft Laboratory
Adaptive Optics Beam Control Laboratory

These laboratories are used for instruction and research in space system engineering and space operations curricula. The emphasis has been on providing students with hands-on experience in the design, analysis, and testing of space systems and systems and to provide students facilities for experimental research.

The emphasis in the research areas is on acquisition, tracking and pointing of flexible spacecraft with optical payloads; active vibration control, isolation, and suppression using smart structures; adaptive optics, beam control; space system design, and computer aided design tools. These laboratories have been used in joint projects with Naval Satellite Operational Center, NRL, AFRL, ONR, Lockheed Martin, and Boeing.


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