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Current TLC Initiatives

Recognizing the strength of ​working and leading together as an integrated team and community ​of practice enhancing T&L quality​.  The TLC gathers input from stakeholders, identifies needs that can be addressed with current resources, coordinates those resources and develops annual initiatives that aim to support quality, forward-thinking, and innovation in teaching and learning. Learn about the collaborative efforts by exploring the following initiatives: ​

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Success Through Effective Assessment of Learning (SEAL)

The Teaching and Learning Commons (TLC) invites the NPS teaching community to submit project proposals funded by AY 22 SEAL education grants. This is a great opportunity for instructors to explore new tools and emerging technologies, approaches, and teaching strategies to expand assessment practices to measure student learning at NPS.

Application period: January 7–February 15, 2022
Performance period: March–August, 2022

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Past Initiatives

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Distance Learning Quality Initiative (DLQI)

Developing teaching resources and educational experiences that emphasize course quality ​and support cohesive learning experiences.  

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Flexible Learning Experience (FLEx) Spaces

Providing spaces that respect the needs of a diverse faculty and student body; accessible, inclusive, and adaptable learning environments supporting the NPS strategic plan. 

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Data Analytics Informing Teaching and Hybrid Learning (DAITA HL)

Leveraging NPS hybrid courses experience to promote flexibility and improvements in learning experiences at academic program, certificate, and course levels.

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Faculty Grants Awardees

The TLC has funded a range of faculty projects through the Education Grants. Explore the variety of innovation projects.

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