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NPS supports a learning community made up of faculty, staff, and students.
We’re here to support your academic growth and success!

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10 Tips for Student Success


Explore NPS resources on student learning support. The collection includes articles, papers, policies and presentations from both NPS organizations as well as non-NPS leaders in higher education.  



Ten Tips for Student Success in DL at NPS

From getting connected to setting up your learning environment, read ten tips that will help you succeed at NPS. 

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Adjusting your study habits during COVID

Learn from the University of Michigan how to make a plan and adjust study habits as you prepare to engage in online learning. 

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Carry On Learning

Adapted from resources provided by St. Joseph's College, read the top five things you may need to successfully participate in your courses: clear communications, internet and device access, knowledge of Sakai, familiarity with cloud resources, and a commitment to spend time in your online classes daily.

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Tips for Learning During Disruption

Rice University provides suggestions for ensuring you are able to effectively and efficiently learn even when your anticipated learning environment has been disrupted.

NPS Student Learning Resources List


NPS Resources to Support Your Learning:


Dudley Knox Library (DKL)

The Dudley Knox Library contributes to learning, research and teaching—anytime, anywhere—through relevant and evolving collections, tools, services, and spaces designed for NPS patrons of today and tomorrow.


Graduate Writing Center (GWC)

Writing coaches and workshop instructors develop the writing and critical thinking skills of NPS students for success in graduate school and as military and civilian leaders.


Thesis Processing Office (TPO)

Thesis Processing reviews and publishes all NPS theses, dissertations, capstone reports, MBA reports, and joint applied projects. TPO helps students meet the NPS formatting, citation, and compliance requirements and ensures their work is publication ready.


Technology Assistance Center (TAC)

The TAC supports the day-to-day operations of NPS by providing software, hardware troubleshooting, cybersecurity, educational management tools, remote access, filesharing and website platforms, audio-visual support, and email.


Teaching and Learning Commons (TLC)

The TLC creates cross-organizational teams as communities of practice to enhance the quality of NPS education through collaboration that creates and supports innovative and distinctive learning experiences.