Civilian Training

FY21 Department of Navy (DON) Mandatory Training Requirements for Civilian Employees (Staff and Faculty)

Military and Student can access their training site here. 

Contractor can access their training site here.

Mandatory training is defined by SECNAV Instruction 12410.25B as training mandated by executive order, Federal statute, regulation or at the direction of the Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV) and must be recorded in the Defense Civilian Personnel Data System (DCPDS). 


Training completed directly in the Total Workforce Management Services (TWMS) or Navy e-Learning (NeL) is automatically documented in DCPDS.


It is important to know that some training in TWMS is linked to external sites that do not automatically document training completions. Please provide a copy of completion certificate to so that your training record can be recorded manually.


Mandatory Training can be accessed here:

Total Workforce Management Services (TWMS)
Navy e-Learning (NeL)

Per NAVADMIN 044/21, NPS is required to certify 100% completion of the Extremism Stand-down. Accordingly, each person is required to attend (view) both Increment 1 and an Increment 2 session [one each]. 

  • Increment 1 attendance will be certified via Teams Live attendance. For those who missed the Live session, please watch the recorded session posted below.
  • Increment 2 attendance will be certified by the small group facilitators submitting the names for everyone in their group using this Microsoft Form .

Section 1 will collect information about you, your role and work center, the date of your small-group session, and the number of attendees.

Section 2 of the Form uses branched answers to determine who the attendees of your small group session were and will provide you text boxes to list the names of attendees organized by the following categories: DoN / DoD Civilians, US Military Students, Military Staff / Military Faculty, and DoN / DoD Contractors.

  • “Branched answers” mean that not everyone will answer the same number of questions in this section. Depending on who attended the small group session, there may answer as few as five questions, or as many as eight.

Section 3 asks for Key Feedback and Lessons Learned. This is a reporting requirement as per NAVADMIN 044/21. In addition, you can indicate whether all your personnel attended a single session. If not, you will have the opportunity to indicate whether you will hold, or have already held, an additional session to account for all your personnel.

Recorded Increment 1 session:  Watch and Complete Form

The following trainings are mandatory for all DoN Civilians.

All mandatory training is due by 30 September 2021 unless otherwise stated. All training below is listed in TWMS under Training Requirements.

1             DoD Cyber Awareness Challenge (Information Assurance Training)

2             Privacy and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Awareness 

3             Operations Security (OPSEC)

4             Counterintelligence Awareness & Reporting (CIAR)

5             Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH)

6             Notification & Federal Employee Antidiscrimination and Retaliation Act (No FEAR Act) 

7             SAPR One Team One Fight - Refresher

8             Combatting Trafficking in Persons (CTIP)

9             Level One Antiterrorism Training

10          Workplace Violence Prevention                   

11          Records Management

Command directed training. (May change from FY to FY)

12           Equal Employment Opportunity Awareness for the Workforce

13           Suicide Prevention 

14           Ethics Training

15           Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) 

16           Unauthorized Commitments

17           Physical Security

18           Intelligence Oversight


NPS required training be completed by the assigned month. 

Nov 20                  DoD Cyber Awareness Challenge (Information Assurance Training)

Dec 20                   Physical Security

Dec 20                   Records Management

Jan 21                    Combatting Trafficking in Persons (CTIP)

Jan 21                   Intelligence Oversight

Jan 21                    Workplace Violence Prevention                   

Feb 21                   Counterintelligence Awareness & Reporting (CIAR)

Mar 21                  Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) 

Apr 21                   Level One Antiterrorism Training

Apr 21                   Operations Security (OPSEC)

May 21                 Unauthorized Commitments

Jun 21                    Equal Employment Opportunity Awareness for the Workforce

Jul 21                     Ethics Training

Jul 21                     Notification & Federal Employee Antidiscrimination and Retaliation Act (No FEAR Act) 

Jul 21                     Privacy and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Awareness 

Aug 21                   Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH)

Aug 21                   SAPR One Team One Fight - Refresher

Sep 21                   Suicide Prevention 


Online Training
The above courses must be completed via
TWMS or the specified website.  For TWMS courses that direct you to Navy e-Learning (NeL), the courses have the course code next to them. READ ALL NOTES ASSOCIATED WITH SPECIFIC TRAINING. 


Any training done outside of TWMS and NeL (ie: JKO/DISA/etc.) will not automatically update your training record.  You will need to save and send a certificate to the Training Officer .  It will then be manually added to your training record.  You can track your own training to ensure accuracy on TWMS.  Here is a quick guide on how to track all of your training in one location.

Any training you complete on NeL or TWMS will automatically update in your TWMS training record.  No certificate needs to be sent in to the Training Officer. 

Updates to training records may take anywhere from 1-2 weeks before showing up in your record.

The following slides are required to be reviewed within 30 days of reporting to the command, and annually thereafter. This training is required for ALL PERSONNEL (All branches of US military, DoD Civilian, NPS Faculty, NPS Staff) stationed at NPS.

NEW REQUIREMENT: Active Shooter: Training and Certification Link

Physical Security Training:  Training Video      Certification Link

Intelligence Oversight Training (Video is on second page of the form):  Watch Video and Complete Form

Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI):  CUI Training       Certification Link

Unauthorized Commitments: Unauthorized Commitments Slides      Certification Link

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO): EEO Slides      Certification Link

Consolidated Mass Training

Mass training is being offer Virtually via Microsoft Teams. 


January 28, 1300-1600

February 23, 0900-1200


May 18, 0900-1200

July 22, 1300-1600

August 31, 0900-1200


Microsoft Teams - Notification will be in the Monthly Training Bulk email.


Sexual Assault Prevention and Response

Suicide Prevention

Drug Free Workplace

Records Management

Equal Employment Opportunity Awareness for the Workforce

Recorded GMT Session

If you have been unable to attend the Live MS Teams Virtual Mass GMT sessions, you may complete the required training by watching the following video and certifying completion.

Watch Video and Complete Form

New Employee Orientation will be held every other month and will cover information from the Human Resources Office, Financial Management, and other NPS professionals on various programs, benefits, and resources available.  The NEO will also focus on key in-person mandatory training such as Ethics, Equal Employment Opportunity, Prevention of Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault Prevention & Response, Safety, Physical Security. 

Below are the dates for calendar year 2021:

New Employee Orientation
Friday, January 8, 2021
Friday, March 5, 2021
Friday, May 14, 2021
Friday, July 23, 2021
Friday, September 17, 2021


NEO slides as of 6MAR2020.

Department of Defense requires all supervisors and managers receive initial supervisory training within the first year and refresher training every three (3) years.  This training can be accomplished by completing the modules in TWMS or by attending our two day, in-person Human Resources for Supervisors (HR4S) class. 


HR4S: In-person or Microsoft Teams HR4S Training Dates
27-28 January 2021 (Wednesday & Thursday)
7-8 April 2021 (Wednesday & Thursday)
22-23 June 2021 (Tuesday & Wednesday)
18-19 October 2021 (Monday & Tuesday)


 Please RSVP to Dan Nguyen at


HR4S: Self Study

HR4S Slides

Click here to certify that you have completed this training.


1) Read the training here

2) Certify your training here

Please take the DON Annual Ethics Training V3 (TWMS-679353) in TWMS.

Annual Custodian Training Slides

Click here to certify that you have completed this training.

Go to the NPS Safety Training website for instruction on how to complete the required Safety Training.

NPS Security Training is required to maintain your clearance and SCIF/STBL access. Please ensure you complete the required training for the security clearance that you currently hold. If you have questions on this training requirement, please contact the Security Training Officer at  (831) 656-2450 or

For those with SCI Access:

2020 Annual Security Awareness Training

Derivative Classification

Unauthorized Disclosure

Marking Classified Information

IC Cyber Awareness Challenge

When complete with ALL above training briefs, PLEASE Click here to certify you have completed this training- You will not get credit for training completion until you record it via this link.

If you have questions on this training requirement, please contact the Security Training Officer at (831) 656-2450 or


For those without SCI Access:


2020 Annual Security Awareness Training

Derivative Classification

Unauthorized Disclosure

Marking Classified Information


When complete with ALL above training briefs, PLEASE Click here to certify you have completed this training- You will not get credit for training completion until you record it via this link.

  • Defense Travel System (DTS)
  • Foreign Travel
  • PI/PD
  • New Employees - Required to attend the New Employee Orientation.
  • Supervisors - This training is due within 12 months of becoming a supervisor and every 3 years after that. You will be notified if you are required to complete the training and have two ways to do so:
    1. Attend the two day Human Resources for Supervisors (HR4S) courses offered at NPS. This is the recommended option.
    2. Complete HR4S Self Study.
  • Telework
  • Web Content Manager Training - Additional Liferay CMS training is available - to get started, please send a request to ITACS webmaster:

If the answer to your question is not listed please contact your Training Officer.


1. What training do I have to do?

  • All of your requirements are listed on TWMS in your "Training/Educ/Cert & Skills" section under "Training requirements" and there is an excel spreadsheet located above in the Federally Mandated Training section. For more help navigating TWMS click here.

2. Where do I do my training?

  • All training should start on TWMS.  You may be redirected to another site (ie: NeL) to complete a requirement.

3. How do I track my training?

  • All training regardless of where it is hosted is tracked on TWMS in your "Training/Educ/Cert & Skills" section under "Training requirements." For more help tracking your requirements on TWMS click here.

4. Why isn't my training completion updated?

  • If your course is done directly on TWMS it may take the system up to a week to show up in your requirements section as completed. If the course is done on another site (ie: NKO/JKO/ESAMS etc) it can take longer for the data to update. Any training done face to face is entered within a week of the training but may also take up to two weeks to show up in your record.

5. If I attended face to face training do I still have to do it online?

  • No. Some requirements list multiple ways to complete the training. Any one of those will fulfill that requirement.

6. The training has multiple options for fulfilling the requirement. Which do I do?

  • The training options are listed in order of preference but you may complete whichever option works best for you.

7. I am a supervisor. What training do I have to do?

  • Supervisor training is listed above in the Federally Mandated Training section. The spreadsheet has a tab labeled "Supervisor Training." Supervisor training is due every 3 years and is offered face to face twice a year.

8. I am a supervisor. How do I see what training my employees have left?

  • You can see your employees by logging into TWMS just as you normally would for yourself. Once logged in, on the left hand side, click "My Workforce." From there all of your employees will pop up. Click on the employee you would like to see and you can track their training just as you do for you own. To pull reports and show all employee completion at once, click "Report Services" on the left hand side. Click "Training & Education/Security/IA" on the top. From there you can choose which report you would like to use. You can see all current training requirements with "Training Requirements" or statistics "Training statistic by requirements" etc.

9. Which browser should I use to get on TWMS/NeL etc?

  • Internet Explorer is the best browser to ensure full functionality of the system. For more help see the TWMS Browser Settings Guide.

10. Why can't I find/enroll in CTIP (Combatting Trafficking in Persons) on NeL?

  • You will likely need to take the prerequisite "CTIP for Leaders" (JKDDC-TIPL-0001) and not the refresher course. The refresher will not allow you to enroll unless you have completed the Leader course in the last 3 years.  


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