FY21 Navy Training

FY23 Trainings for Active Duty

NPS Civilian Employees may access their training site here. 

Active duty USN can now track their training completions through their NPS training profile. Training will also be verifiable on FLTMPS (CAC required), by clicking "Access Electronic Training Jacket (ETJ) Personal Account".

NPS Marines Annual Training SharePoint Site


NPS Mandatory Trainings

NPS Mandatory GMTs

The NPS FY23 Individual Training Plan, NPSNOTE 5300, has been released. Please click here to see all the required trainings for FY23.


NPS Safety Training

This training can be satisfied via the Monthly Training Emails (info located GMT section above) if you are attached to an NPS UIC at the time the email is sent. If you are not attached to NPS for the emails, click links below for training requirements.

NPS Security Training

NPS Security Training is required to maintain your clearance and SCIF/STBL access. These annual refresher trainings are required for all personnel with Secret, Top Secret, or SCI access to classified information. If you have questions on this training requirement, please contact the Security Training Officer at (831) 656-2450 or securitytraining@nps.edu.

Counter Intelligence Awareness and Reporting (NeL: DON-CIAR-1.0)


FY23 Cyber Awareness Challenge 

CUI Training (TWMS: Course ID# 686564)

NPS Intelligence Oversight Annual Refresher Training (see link above under Mandatory GMTs)

Derivative Classification

Unauthorized Disclosure

Marking Classified Information

When complete with ALL above training briefs, PLEASE Click here to certify you have completed this training - You will not get credit for training completion until you record it via this link.


MASS GMT Sessions Calendar

FY23 Mass GMT Sessions TBD

For US Navy military personnel (including Staff & Students), the following GMTs must be completed by September 30, 2023.

Follow this link to see the complete list of FY23 GMTs.

If your question is not listed below, contact the Training Officer.


1. What training do I have to do?

  • Check the first drop-down tab above.

2. Where do I complete my training?

  • Most GMTs can be found on Navy e-Learning or TWMS. Some training will be conducted via MS Teams Live Mass GMT events and other Microsoft Forms. Certain trainings can only be found on TWMS or CDSE. As a last resort, trainings may be completed on Joint Knowledge Online (for trainings completed on CDSE or JKO, proof of completion will have to be emailed to the Training Officer).

3. How do I track my training?

  • USN Navy now have access to track their own training on FLTMPS(CAC required), by clicking on "Access Electronic Training Jacket (ETJ) Personal Account"

4. Why isn't my training completion updated?

  • Training will not reflect immediately in FLTMPS. Below are average times for training to populate:

  • Navy e-Learning / TWMS courses - 3-5 business days

  • MS Teams Live Mass GMT events - 1-2 weeks
  • Training outside of Navy eLearning/TWMS (ie: JKO/CDSE/ESAMS/etc) - a certificate needs to be sent to the Training Officer or training will not show complete.

5. If I attended face-to-face training do I still have to do it online?

  • No. Some requirements list multiple ways to complete the training. Any one of those will fulfill that requirement.

6. The training has multiple options for fulfilling the requirement. Which do I do?

  • The training options are listed in order of preference but you may complete whichever option works best for you.

7. Which browser should I use to get on TWMS/NeL/ESAMS etc?

8. How do I Navigate NKO?


The Navy is keeping up with tech and coming out with apps to supplement or replace various websites and training. You can find all of the apps at https://www.applocker.navy.mil. Below is just a preview of the available apps:


New App!!

CLREC AppiPhone AppGoogle App


CLREC - The app is a product of the Center for Language, Regional Expertise, and Culture (CLREC). The current version of this app focuses on the Fleet Concentration Areas of Bahrain, Italy, Japan, The Philippines, South Korea, and Spain.  The CLREC Navy Global Deployer App is divided into the following sections for each nation: Culture Training,  Culture Card, Etiquette Guide, Language Phrases, Language Guide. In addition, the app includes sections detailing General Resources available to the user, Emergency resources, and a Favorites section, which allows users to bookmark and easily access parts of the app they find personally important.



Available Training Apps:

Training App