With the number of conferences shifting from an in-person to virtual platform, the Department of the Navy Directorate for Administration, Logistics, and Operations (DOLA), formerly DON/AA, has put out clarifying guidance stating that when no travel expenses are incurred (i.e. virtual conferences) then conference approval is not required.  This means that an approved SECNAV 5050-2 is not required when attending a virtual conference.


SECNAV 5050-2 not required if there are no travel expenses

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Conference Policy

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This document serves as Department of Defense (DoD)’s official conference policy. It supersedes and cancels DoD Conference Guidance 3.0. This policy supplements conference provisions in applicable ethics regulations and the Joint Travel Regulations. This guidance is effective June 26, 2016.

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This instruction establishes Department of the Navy (DON) policy for confernece management in accordance with DoD Conference Guidance.