Evacuation Order Support Plan

Current Phase:

Phase III - Vouchers

January 2021 Flash Flood & Debris Flow Evacuation

Message from the Travel Office

The Travel Office is here to provide support to NPS personnel affected by mandatory evacuation orders related to flash flooding and debris flows on burn scars from the 2020 Dolan, Carmel, and River Fires.  We have already reached out to some individuals known to have been evacuated previously from those zones to provide guidance and give an idea of what to expect moving forward.  It is our intention to do the heavy lifting on the evacuation orders so that you all can keep your focus where it belongs, with your families. 

Should you have any questions regarding evacuation orders, please email NPSTravelOfficer@nps.edu


NSAM and the Emergency Operations Center have activated a Needs Assessment Module in NFAAS for those who are residing in areas that may be affected by flash floods from the rain. The Needs Assessment Module is there to provide further assistance to members and their families in the event they need temporary housing or financial assistance due to evacuation.

Members identified as living in those affected areas should have received a text message and an email stating that the Needs Assessment Module has been activated in NFAAS and how to access it. For members who use the module, they will be asked a series of questions to better help and once the module is complete, this info will go to the Fleet and Family Support Center and the director will ensure all cases are assigned to someone there who will answer questions and provide assistance.

For those who have to evacuate, first thing is to ensure that their supervisors are aware of their status and well being so it can be reported up the chain of command.

Evacuee Guidance

1. If you have a travel card, please use it for your own expenses (i.e. lodging). Expenses claimed by your dependents should be charged to a different card, not your GTCC

2. Entitlements expire upon rescinding of the President’s evacuation order, the date you return to your home, within 48 hours of receiving authorization to return to the evacuated area (if habitable), or 30 January 2021, whichever is earliest.

3. Applicable orders will be issued to you and your eligible dependents by the Travel Office upon verification of eligibility
-------a) Service members and DON civilian employees will be issued TDY orders in DTS
-------b) A single order will be issued that covers all dependents, even though each individual is entitled to allowances

4. The Safe Haven location identified in the order is Monterey, CA for civilian employees and dependents.  For Service members, the duty location for the evacuation is the Naval Postgraduate School.  For duty at the Naval Postgraduate School, DoD lodging is directed.  Per Diem authorized under TDY and dependent evacuation orders are as follows:
-------a) For lodging claimed by civilian employees and/or dependents: Lodging reimbursed up to $166.00 per night 
-------b) For lodging claimed by Service members: Lodging reimbursed up to $125.00 per night IAW DOD policy for Integrated Lodging Pilot Program sites.  Lodging reimbursement for NGIS and Navy Lodge may be reimbursed up to $166.00 per night.
-------c) Meals & incidental expenses (M&IE) $76.00/day
--------------i. 75% of M&IE on first and last day of orders
--------------ii. Dependents under age 12 receive ½ of M&IE referenced above

6. POV mileage from your evacuated residence to the Safe Haven location is authorized, but mileage at the Safe Haven location is not

Phase I - Identify 

STARTED - 26 JAN 2021
COMPLETE - 10 FEB 2021

Identify affected NPS personnel and map location against available fire evacuation data.

Evacuated personnel should inform their chain of command, CDO@nps.edu (831-901-6649) and NPSTravelOfficer@nps.edu to inform them of their evacuation status, work/attendance protocols, and evacuation/TDY orders.

Phase II - Orders

STARTED - 02 FEB 2021
COMPLETE - 12 MAR 2021

Collect information necessary for Travel Office to process TDY orders in DTS and hard copy dependent evacuation orders.  When we are notified that you have returned home, the Travel Office will confirm the evacuation information we are tracking and request the following:
  TDY orders should be entered into DTS within three business days of the Travel Office confirming your evacuation information.

Dependent orders require manual processing and entry into the accounting system.  In an effort to expedite and prioritize orders, orders will be processed in batches and could take up to two weeks to be finalized. You may decline to request dependent evacuation orders, however the Travel Office will proceed with processing them unless you state otherwise in writing.

If you have returned home or have not been contacted by the Travel Office, please email NPSTravelOfficer@nps.edu.

Phase III - Vouchers

STARTED - 04 FEB 2021

Prepare DTS voucher and dependent evacuation claim (DD 1351-2) for evacuees.  This will be done in two parts due to the different speeds at which DTS and dependent evacuation orders can be produced.

Part 1 - TDY vouchers will be processed through DTS as soon as the DTS authorization is approved.  The Travel Office is preparing DTS authorizations so that little to no changes will be necessary before you are able to submit.  We will still do a final review of the DTS voucher before reaching out and requesting the you sign in DTS.

Part 2 - Dependent vouchers require manual preparation prior to your signature as there are special instructions the Travel Office must follow to prepare.  Once you have signed the voucher, it will be sent to a central Navy travel claim processing center (PSD).  In our experience, it has taken thrity (30) or more days for claims to be paid.  We have reached out to see if special considerations can be made to expedite these claims, given the ciricumstances.

If you have returned home or have not been contacted by the Travel Office, please email NPSTravelOfficer@nps.edu.

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Please contact the NWC Travel Office at travelnwc@usnwc.edu for evacuation support.