Contingencies when DTS is unavailable


There may be instances where DTS is not available to support immediate travel requirements.  For those instances, please see below guidance for specific circumstances.

DTS is Unavailable

Please adhere to the following procedures when DTS in not available to support travel requirements:


Records of travel approval should have been transmitted to the Travel Management Company (TMC), which would permit ticketing. It is suggested that the traveler call the Navy TMC, SATO, at 855-744-4657 to confirm.

Request the AO email to authorize ticketing.  The following must be included in the email:

  • Approval in DTS is not permissible due to a known DTS issue

  • Traveler Name

  • PNR Locator for trip

  • Statement that the AO is the Authorizing Official for the traveler with authority to approve travel.

Please contact or come into the NPS Travel Office (Hermann Hall room 038) and we will assist with hard copy orders. A hard copy CTO Request will be transmitted to SATO for all air, rental car, and hotel reservations that would otherwise be required in DTS. A DD-1610 will be generated by the office and provided to the traveler for his/her AO to sign in block 18. The DD-1610 will need to be returned to the Travel Office for submission to SATO to allow ticketing. Authorizations will be entered after-the-fact into DTS with the signed DD-1610 and hard copy CTO Request and routed for approval so a voucher can be created upon return. The Travel Office is reachable at 831-656-2041.

Please wait for DTS to become available.

Orders and vouchers will be processed entirely in hard copy following the Non-DTS Travel SOP.

Travel Office Information

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Located in Hermann Hall, room 126



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