Non-DTS Travel Intro

Non-DTS Travel


There are instances where the use of DTS is specifically precluded.  In those instances, official travel authorizations and vouchers must be processed outside of DTS.  Instances include, but are not limited to:


  • Travel for foreign nationals
  • Travel while DTS is unavailable
  • Travel for non-DoD personnel employed by the Federal Government

NSAM Police Department Requirements

All visitors requesting unescorted access must be vetted prior to being granted entry onto Naval Support Activity, Monterey/ Naval Postgraduate School.  Here are the gate access procedures per the Naval Support Activity Police Department:

Gate Access Procedures 

  1. Sponsor has guest fill out and return SECNAV form. Personally Identifiable Information MUST be secured, if transmitted electronically. Encryption (via network) or AMRDEC SAFE can be used.

  2. Sponsor completes NSAM Gate Access form.

  3. Sponsor send encrypted to and

  4. Gate Access will notify that request has been received and is being processed. Recommend sponsor check back in three (3) business days for status.

  5. NOTE: If guests have already been vetted, just fill out and submit the NSAM Gate Access form. Only the last four digits SSN# required for verification.

Security Manager's Office Requirements

In addition to gate access, the Security Manager's office requires that all visitors wear a badge in academic buildings and designated sections of Hermann Hall.  To obtain a visitor's badge please send the following information to a minimum of 48 hours in advance:

      • Full Name

      • Dates of visit

      • Their organization

      • NPS sponsor

      • Purpose of visit

      • Indication whether they are a US citizen or not

For visitors who are foreign nationals, there are additional considerations established by NAVPGSCOLINST 5510.1F.  Please go to the Security Manager's Foreign Visitors page for additional guidance:

Standard Operating Procedure for Processing Non-DTS Travel


Reference:     (a) NPSINST 4650.4 series

               (b) DSCA Security Assistance Management Manual

(c) Joint Travel Regulations


Enclosures:    (1) Travel Request Worksheet

(2) NAVPTO BANGOR Form 4650/2 (JUN 09)

(3) NPS Form 1610REV, June 2016

(4) DD Form 1610

(5) NPPSC Travel EFT Information Form

(6) DD Form 1351-2, May 2011




  1. As directed by reference (a). the following SOP shall be adhered to in the preparation, execution, and reimbursement of non-DTS travel for in-residence international military students, in-residence international students, foreign military assigned to NPS, and non-foreign students precluded from using the Defense Travel System (DTS). This SOP does not apply to foreign military personnel not currently assigned to NPS IAW reference (b).

  2. Travel for full-time international military students, international students, and foreign military assigned to NPS is governed by reference (b). Paragraph C10.13 of reference (b) states that travelers “will be reimbursed for travel and per diem (lodging, subsistence and incidentals) in accordance with the JTR rate for the TDY location.”

  3. Travel for non-foreign personnel precluded from using DTS is governed by reference (c).

  4. Non-DTS travel is processed in hard copy. Manual processing requires no less than ten (10) business days to process.


  1. The traveler completes the enclosure (1) and obtains signatures from the Professor/Primary Investigator (PI), Sponsored Programs Financial Analyst (SPFA), and Program Officer.  

  2. The traveler submits enclosure (1) to the Travel Office no less than ten business days prior to the start of travel. The Travel Office will only accept complete packages.

  3. The Travel Office completes enclosure (2) based on the reservation requirements in enclosure(1). Enclosure (2) is submitted as an attachment to the Customer Service Detachment (CSD) Transportation Assistant co-located with the local Travel Management Company (TMC).

  4. The TMC returns an itinerary with estimated costs and confirmation numbers for reservations requested in enclosure(2) to the traveler, the Travel Office, and the professor, PI, or financial analyst responsible for the Job Order Number (JON).

  5. The Travel Office generates a hard copy travel order for the traveler using applicable per diem rates, estimated costs provided by SATO, estimated mileage and non-mileage expenses, information provided by enclosure (1), and references (b) and (c). Orders for foreign personnel are issued using enclosure (3). Orders for non-foreign personnel precluded from using DTS are issued using enclosure (4). The Per Diem, Travel, and Transportation Allowance Committee (PDTATAC) has published policy on preparing travel orders at PDTATAC has published explanatory materials for completing a TDY order on DD Form 1610 at

  6. The Travel Office emails the traveler, professor, financial analyst, and travel Approving Official (AO) a copy of the orders.

  7. Orders issued using enclosure (3) require signatures from the financial analyst and AO. The financial analyst signs block 17. The AO signs block 18.

  8. Orders issued using enclosure (4) require signatures from the professor and the AO. The professor signs block 17. The AO signs block 18.

  9. Upon receipt of orders completed and signed through block 18, the Travel Office sends the orders to the NPS Accounting Division for entry into the accounting systems and approval by the NPS Comptroller. Orders are submitted by email to with copies to the traveler, professor, financial analyst, AO, and other stakeholders, as appropriate. Notifications, including approval, are provided through JIRA and by email.

  10. Upon notification, the Travel Office submits the approved order to the CSD Transportation Assistant.  Airline tickets are purchased by the TMC three business days prior to travel and sent to the traveler via email.


  1. The traveler submits his/her receipts, expenses, and enclosure (5) to the Travel Office within five business days of returning from travel. Receipts are required for all lodging, airfare, rental car, and single expenses that are $75.00 or more. Approvals not authorized in the travel orders require email approval by the AO for the Travel Office to initiate an amendment to the orders.

  2. The Travel Office generates enclosure (6) for the traveler using applicable per diem rates, actual costs, the approved orders, and references (b) and (c). The Travel Office notifies the traveler by email when enclosure (6) is ready to sign block 20a and date 20b.

  3. Once enclosure (5) is signed by the traveler, a Certifying Officer in the Travel Office reviews enclosures (5) and (6), a copy of the travel order, and all substantiating records IAW references (a) and (c). The Certifying Officer approves the voucher by completing and signing blocks 21a-21d.

  4. The Travel Office submits approved voucher packages to the appropriate office for payment via the Transaction Online Processing System (TOPS). Reimbursement is made in US dollars to the account provided by the traveler in enclosure (5).

Travel Office Information

Located in Herrmann Hall, room 126

Located in Hermann Hall, room 126



 Citi Bank     

Open Monday through Friday 0730 to 1600

Closed on Federal holidays

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