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The Authorizing Official (AO) is the official at the operational level who has the responsibility for the mission and the authority to obligate funds to support TDY travel for the mission. The AO authorizes only travel necessary to accomplish the mission of the Government. An AO may be held financially liable for erroneous payments resulting from the negligent performance of their duties.

Please use the below links to complete AO training (both initial and refresher) and refer to the DTMO AO Desk Guide.
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A Travel Clerk is someone other than the traveler that has permissions and access to in DTS to create authorizations, vouchers, and local vouchers on behalf of travelers.  A Travel Clerk is responsible for maintaining traveler profiles, preparing and submitting valid and accurate travel authorizations, and preparing valid and accurate travel vouchers for travelers to sign.
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The DTMO Travel Explorer (TraX) offers a centralized source of travel information to include travel assistance, access to trip tools, training, and other useful information.

The training section allows access to all travel training offered by DTMO. TraX will recommend courses based on the role selected by a user. TraX can also provide a full listing of available courses including web-based, distance learning, and instructor-led formats. Once the desired course has been selected, users can launch a web-based course or register for upcoming sessions. In addition, TraX maintains a user's class schedule and keeps a record of completed training.
The Defense Travel Management Office YouTube channel offers demonstrational videos to help travelers and DTS users better understand how to use the system.